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Toño Asks, "R U Ready?"

Creating music in Portland, Oregon, Latino rapper Toño has gained momentum in the

music scene since releasing his first original track on Soundcloud. His first EP was released in

early 2018 which would be a high point for him as an artist. Toño can be found performing

throughout Portland and taking interviews by various sources.

A sort of dance and hype instrumental starts Toño’s track , “R U Ready?”. A feisty and

ready to perform Toño drops his bars with a build up leading to the next verse. Explicit lyrics

explain Toño’s view and self confidence in himself and his craft. His rap flow/form is not like the

stereotypical rap tracks that most people think of especially due to its structure and choice of

instrumentation used. The sound is a mix of LMFAO reverb and beats with an anthem of not

making music for the masses. Toño acknowledges that he doesn’t need anyone’s validation

besides his own. The song is kind of an ode to those who have criticized him and his music and

Toño brings this together with the chorus of “I don’t think their ready”. Toño brings a new

perspective and sound of rap music infusing with ready to dance party music.

Listen to "R U Ready?" here, and connect with Toño using the links below!



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