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Tobi O Released "Chillin In Coachella" The Ultimate Summer Anthem

Tobi O is the next emerging artist from the UK whose bringing a hypnotic sound to this generation with blending together soulful rich vocals, unique melodies, funk rhythms, and alternative beats, keeping R&B alive. Each track brings a nostalgic old school vibe with a new aged flare. Citing Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Lagbaja, Old Skool Soul/Disco, Nigerian High Life & Indie music as some of his inspirations, there’s no telling where this sound will take you.

Tobi O released his single titled “Chillin In Coachella” and this was one of the most extravagant records we’ve heard in a while! It begins with a retro introduction, paying homage to the turntables with a classic funky kick in the beat to bring that vintage old-school hip hop alive. "Chillin In Coachella" reaches its highest point for me in the hook when the vocals transforms into this sultry, and soulful R&B resonance. “It feels so good, Chillin in Coachella, Chillin In Coachella” the hook sings. He drags the notes out with “It feels so good” delivering the melody in a smooth-sailing legato delivery while keeping the next line “Chillin in Coachella” in a staccato projectory, showcasing his skills as a vocalist while it floats above an addictive light-hearted hip-hop beat, weaving the lines between contemporary trap R&B and classic blues. The beat enters new dimensions while delivering charismatic disco tempos and funky synths to help expand “Chillin In Coachella” to a more multifaceted record instead of a singular layered song. "Chillin In Coachella" is the perfect party anthem we can add to our playlists this summer for all the good vibes and energy we’re aiming to radiate!

Check it out here! Catch up with Tobi O in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Tobi O, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got into music?

I was born in UK but grew up in Nigeria for the first 6 years of my life living with my grandmother Winifred Funmilayo Fashola. She would always sing church hymns around the house and teach me songs to sing back to her. I grew a love for sound through her, and i also grew a love for music whilst living in Nigeria. Live music is very prominent in Nigeria, from churches, to schools to parties. Nigerians love exploring sound. I also grew a love for the talking drum and high life music. When i moved back to the UK, a particular day stood out to me as a child. My aunty Nicole Samuel heard me singing a parody version of I Believe i Can Fly, she was so shocked by my voice that she decided to call my mum into the room and told me to sing the song again, she declared that day that music was my destiny. This was a big day for me because it gave me confidence in my abilities, it was also a great feeling to know i had people that believed in my potential. I grew up listening to a lot of "old skool music", from Midnight Star to SOS Band. My 3 biggest musical influences are Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle and Whitney Houston. I like to think that they were my personal vocal coaches via YouTube. My aunty helped me fine tune my craft through vocals lessons, teaching me about mic control, and stage presence. Since then the musical world has been my oyster, despite its ups and downs.

Tell us about “Chillin In Coachella”? Have you been to Coachella? Is it one of your goals to play?

Ironically when i wrote Chillin In Coachella, I was sat in a 2 bed flat in Essex, Chelmsford. I have actually never been to America! I was inspired to write the song because after i produced the beat and listened back, i imagined myself having a good time in Coachella. I imagined how epic it would be to hear a song like that in Coachella with all your friends around you, so care free, young and happy. I also imagined the emotion i would feel if i found love in Coachella. Would we sing along to music together? Would we dance together? What would we be wearing? If i wanted to get better acquainted will I lose my friends along the way? Chillin In Coachella is a song that makes me feel like I am king of the world, a very powerful man. Coachella is where i felt this power could be portrayed.

What’s your favorite part about “Chillin In Coachella” ?

I love the last part of the song where the beat changes. It really takes me back to a time i believe i would have enjoyed music A LOT more, that feel good era. I also love that Chillin In Coachella is now on its way to being the anthem for Coachella Festival and maybe even others to come.

Are their any key influences for “Chillin In Coachella” ?

I listened to a lot of classic house music when producing Chillin In Coachella, but i must say the following artists played a big part: Inner City, Susanne Vega, Sybil, Crystal Waters, BREACH, Storm Queen, and Azealia Banks. I had to take Chillin In Coahella back to the essence but with a new school swag.

What’s next for you?

My EP "Masquerade"!!! Chillin In Coachella is one of the songs on my 6 track EP. It will be released in summer 2019, dates tbc. The whole EP is a feel good, dance anthem. It plays on "Old Skool" narratives, but with a current attitude. I am really excited about it and i think my EP "Masquerade" will be the sound track to many peoples happy memories.


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