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Toga Doin’ Work Gives You A Vibe With “Hit My Phone”

Toga Doin’ Work is from Prince George’s County, MD, got his stage name inspired by a documentary on his favorite player Kobe Bryant did with Spike Lee called Kobe Doin’ Work. He’s an indie artist who likes to explore different types of vibes and sounds when it comes to his music. Toga Doin' Work released his first project last year titled “I’m Goin Up”. Toga Doin’ Work released his new single “Hit My Phone”, a slow-jam with a whole lot of urban vibes to manufacture a hit we can add to all our playlists where the energy is right and the mood is perfect. The perfectly tuned vocals are what’s in today. It makes “Hit My Phone” more appealing and thoroughly enjoying for the listeners. The lyrics in "Hit My Phone" are fun and fitting for today’s generation, for those who love a good vibe song to zone out in and repeat the lyrics on their social media’s and sing along with. I can see this becoming a hit for significant amount of people who simply loves smooth-sailing and intricate music that’s equipped with lots of detail and characteristics. “I’ll be right there when you hit my phone” was the highlighted lyric in the hook for me. What I interpreted from this single is that “Hit My Phone” is simply your typical “thinking about your crush” bop. However, we need songs such as this one to get us through any slight hint of dwellsome feelings when thinking about somebody special. Toga Doin’ Work does absolutely that and more with “Hit My Phone”.

Listen to Toga Doin' Work's new song "Hit My Phone" and be sure to connect with him on social media for the latest new releases!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by the name of Toga Doin' Work, I am indie artist from the DMV are, specifically P.G. County, MD. Been putting out music since 2017 and I released my first project called I'm Goin Up which was like an experiment to see which type of songs people like from and kind of see what direction I wanted to go musically. I guess you can say I was finding myself and what my audience would like to hear from me.

What was your favorite song off your first project “Im Goin Up” ?

My favorite song is actually the song that I have just released called "Good Morning". Which is out now on all streaming platforms. The reason why that is my favorite song is because of the fact that it is one of those songs that represents being thankful for the opportunity to see another day, the opportunity to further yourself in life, or what ever you may pull from the vibe of the song. With New Year's here, many people are grateful for another year to make their lives what they want it to be whether it is going to the gym, eating better, treating people better, or helping others. The mentality over all I want people to pull from the song is just be go getter and know that time waits for no one so the time that we have, we must take advantage of it.

Who did “Hit My Phone” feature?

Hit My Phone was my last release before Good Morning, and the song featured Kora the Artist @koratheartist who is also a DMV artist. She was great to have on the track and she totally killed the track which I was confident that she would. Look forward to doing more work with her in the future.

How would you interpret Hit My Phone for your listeners from an artist perspective?

Hit My Phone from my listeners perspective should be interpreted as a vibe of whoever in your life who means something to you at the time, this song should make you think about them. With it being winter time right now, people always want to be around loved ones and family and especially that special person in their life so that it the feeling I hope they receive when hearing it. From an artist perspective, Kora and I just wanted to speak from a male and female perspective of how men and women interact with their feelings. We both pretty much shared the same sentiments of I could be with any man/woman but I want to be with you also we just tried to cover that dynamic.

What’s next for you in 2019?

For 2019, I am very excited to just keep releasing music month after month, accompanying them with visuals and most of all, getting out and performing a lot. I got my first taste of performing in 2018 and now I'm looking forward to being able to move around even outside of my area and really build my fanbase up.


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