Tom McGeoch Creates a Lasting Bond with His Listeners

Photo by: Tyler Miles

Throughout the majority of his life, From, Tom saw himself as simply a drummer from Columbus, Ohio, despite his extensive history of writing poetry and original songs. He enrolled in Berklee College of Music where he further cultivated his writing skills and finishing first in the school’s poetry contest. After packing his life between the four wheels of a Honda Civic, From, Tom headed West to pursue his passion for music in the City of Angels.

The Los Angeles-based artist currently releases his original tracks under the musical persona From, Tom, a name of which he derived from his personal archive of poetry and letters throughout the years.

Drawing inspiration from his impactful life experiences, the songwriter uses his lyricism to reveal his authentic self and create a lasting bond with the listener. Tom McGeoch is a reminder to fans that unlimited potential lies beyond the present moment, as long as you’re willing to believe it and work for it.