Tommy Tsunami Makes Waves on Latest Single, “OKAY”

Alternative Pop artist, Tommy Tsunami releases his edgy and rambunctious single, “OKAY.”

With a knack for infusing genres together and develop his own unique sonic path, Chicago creative, Tommy Tsunami is back with his hard-hitting single, “OKAY.”

The passion in his voice and his ability to ramp up his audiences shows why he is on our radar of up and coming artists. "OKAY,” will have you singing along to every word he performs as he exudes a triumphant presentation.

"OKAY,” instantly has us turning up our speakers and channeling our inner teenage angst as we begin to dive into the instrumentation and vocals delivered by Tommy Tsunami. The futuristic elements of this galactic, dystopian Trap beat mixes with the up-tempo percussion giving this a fierce and dominant ambiance that is reminiscent of Emo Pop Punk. Each snare roll in between Tommy Tsunami’s zealous conveyance creates an anticipation of what’s next to come in the development of this record.

Tommy Tsunami has a distinct and powerful vocalization throughout each word he performs. The tone he expresses draws you into his universe and the depths of his inner sentiments on a personal level.

The fusion between his vocals and the hard-hitting instrumentation makes you automatically turn up the volume a few decibels while you take in the passionate lyrics he delivers. It’s okay with me, are you my enemy? Or so it seems. That I’m finally mysta, mysta, mystified by you,” is the catchy hook that we’re all yelling out as we celebrate what’s to come for this up and coming artist.

Listen to "OKAY" here.


Congratulations on the release of, “OKAY” Could you please take us into the creation of, “OKAY?"

I did a freestyle of half of the chorus and then I built the rest of the song around that. A month of writing and a couple of months of creating everything else around the lyrics was a lot of fun.

What did the studio session look like when recording this single?

The studio session was exciting because my sound is progressing and you hear it in this song.

What is the meaning of this song to you? What moments inspired the lyrics penned?

This song is about a lot of stuff that happened in the past, that stays in the past. I like to write songs about past experiences and channel my creativity as if I was still in that situation.

What would you like your listeners to take away from, “OKAY?”

To take away a feeling of excitement, and intensity.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Expect an EP to be dropping in early 2021.