Tongues Of Fire Deliver an Emotional Performance on Their Song, "Numb"

Tongues Of Fire is a band that can adapt to many musical styles and connects with fans worldwide. Being true punk rockers at heart, the group brings a soothing edge to their music that perfectly compliments Tongues Of Fire's memorable melodies and polished tone.

While under quarantine, Tongues Of Fire has been busy working on their most recent release "Numb," and we are finding ourselves putting it on repeat day after day.

"Numb" is a song where it has both an exciting lift but a deep soft-spot within. "Numb" is a song that's about what it's like to lose someone who was always there for you in your life. It has us feeling incredibly emotional and thoughtful despite feeling energetic from the soundscapes within the song. Lyrics like "It's been a year and forty days, it never leaves, it never fades," we feel the emotional connection that Tongues Of Fire have to the song.

The incredible vocal performance beautifully matches the edgy aesthetic from the band. Featuring a pounding drum beat, a beautiful singing bass, two guitars that hit us right in the gut, and then topped off with an ever-so attention-grabbing vocal that we cannot get enough of. Since listening to "Numb," we are officially huge fans of the art that Tongues Of Fire creates and cannot wait to hear what is coming next from them.

We are terribly sorry about the circumstances that led to the writing of this tune, what made you want to express your emotions through song?

As a guy, it's not really expected or encouraged of me to talk about emotions so I did it in the way I was most familiar with. 

Speaking about the song itself, what was the whole songwriting process like? Does the band write together? Or does one member handle that primary?

I write most of the songs but we all get together to refine them. We will play through and look at what we could do better with them and keep doing that every rehearsal till it's the beat that we can get it. 

While listening to your music we felt deep chemistry between all of the members, how did you all come to meet?

It's taken a while to keep a lineup because the music, recording, booking, promo, touring, etc that comes with it is very demanding. We expect a lot out of the people we play with so anyone that's in the band is serious about what they do. Nobody is going to help us so we have to do it ourselves. 

Being mainly a punk rock group while keeping commercially understood, what types of musical directions do you see yourself going in for future releases?

It's been very hard to be a band like ours, there are not many opportunities out there and no easy scene to just be accepted into so we had to kind of create them for ourselves. Right now we're looking at the new music coming out that we enjoy and is doing well and trying to see how we can adapt what we do to become more relevant.