Tonne Desai Releases "Beggin You Please": A Powerful Love Ballad

Currently residing in Nashville, Tonne Desai curates music that is eclectic in its own category. Listening to various tracks put out by Tonne, you'll come to the realization that this artist integrates a huge variety of genres into his music. We feel overwhelmed (in a good way) with how dynamic Tonne's music can really get! We expect one thing, and get a million others. We love how Tonne gives us those moments of anticipation in awaiting what the next song will sound like. Tonne Desai is definitely memorable for the diversified accents he applies to his music production, and it's safe to say you'll want to keep an eye out for this artist!

"Beggin You Please" is the latest release from Tonne, and the track adopts a certain kind of reminiscent feel---Tonne Desai is able to successfully create a catchy and fun love ballad. The track begins off with an exotic beat, and the listener is fastly introduced to Tonne's vocal delivery, which he manages to execute in the perfect way you'd want an R&B/hip-hop love ballad! Tonne poured out his heart in "Beggin You Please", the sentiment the track holds in its lyrical production is overpowering. TonneDesai gives a passion-filled delivery in "Beggin You Please" and we highly suggest the BuzzMusic R&B listeners give this track a listen to!

Check out "Beggin You Please" here!

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Hey Tonne! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Please introduce yourself to our readers!

What's Up everyone! My name is Tonne Desai I'm a singer songwriter living in Nashville TN just trying to chase my dream.

How's the music scene in Nashville, particular to your genre of music?!

Ah Good question.Nashville is geared towards the country music genres and has always been that way but with artists from all genres moving and visiting Nashville everyday the genre pool has opened up alot and pop especially is starting to make noise and become a factor.

"Beggin You Please" was a captivating love ballad! Can you tell us your meaning behind this song?

The meaning behide Beggin You Please came from me being at  a party and seeing a woman that I just couldn't take my eyes off of and neither could half the guys at the party. Every guy was trying to talk to her but she rejected every single guy. I never actually approached her or talked to her I was too nervous. So Beggin You Please is the conversation that I wished  I would have had and somethings I would have said to her .

How was the production of "Beggin You Please"? Did you run into any challenges when curating the track?

The production was pretty simple and smooth.The only issues I had was making sure it was mixed and mastered perfectly. Took about 5 takes but I finally got a cut I loved.

What do you hope your listeners are able to take away from listening to your music?

I hope listeners are able to hear just the authenticity and realness of my music. I try to write songs about real situations and real events that I hope others can relate to but also wanna sing at the top of their lungs or dance to at a party or in their car. I want them to really feel like the song is apart of them or a relatable aspect of their life.


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