Tonne Desai’s Innate Passion Translates Through His Music

Tonne Desai has always felt connected to music from a young age. It was his mother who discovered he could sing and once doing so, she signed him up for vocal lessons. The product was the very artist Tonne Desai is today. Tonnie Desai is a highly seasoned artist. He became a music major in college and was selected after rigorous auditions to be apart of an elite singing choir. While he was in college, Tonne Desai honed in on his craft and learned the technical side of music and singing. After graduation, he realized that music is something he wanted to do as a living and through eternity. Around the year 2016 is when Tonne Desai became established as an artist.

With success on winning Song of The Year Songwriting competitions online. Tonne Desai gained enough traction for a radio presence, having been featured on a few radio stations so far. Tonne Desai has quickly cultivated the sound he wants to resonate with listeners on, and he takes on that heart-warming strategy in order to gain the attention of others. On his way to fame and he’s humbling of every aspect. Tonne Desai’s passion for music is highly admirable. He set his mind on his passion, made a career out of it, and continues to inspire his listeners as a result. It's clear to us that Tonne Desai will be consistent with his artistic presence, and so we can expect more to come throughout 2020!

Give a listen to Tonne Desai here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Tonne Desai! In what ways has your background in collegiate music impacted your sound today for the better?

My background in Collegiate Music has impacted my sound in a huge way. Before college, I didn't really know the technical aspects of music. Furthermore, I found it difficult to perform in front of an audience. College helped me form a technical foundation and a way to escape my nerves when it came to performing. College also gave me a first-hand account of what it is like to tour. 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Better Than Him” for you?

The Challenging aspect of creating Better Than Him was the hook. I wanted a song that expressed how I felt honestly but remained catchy and uplifting. 

What was the main theme in “On Mars We Party”?

The main theme for On Mars We Party came from a night were me and my friends were partying hard and it felt as if I was on another planet somewhere more exotic than earth. The feeling was intergalactic. 

How would you describe your songwriting approach to your record “Beggin You Please”?

My Songwriting approach to Better Than Him was to write a song that everyone could sing and relate too. I wanted to create something fun, catchy and relatable. I wanted a song where when you hear it you just have to turn it up!

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “Beggin You Please” from your personal experience?

I was able to personally relate to Beggin You Please because I lived it. I saw a girl at a party and I kept trying to talk to her but she wasn't having it. I never gave up and I actually said the words " Listen I'm Beggin You Please give me a shot". She still said no lol. 

What are you expecting from the new year Tonne Desai?

What I am expecting from the new year is to get my foot in the door of this industry. Whether that is as a songwriter or as a signed artist. I would love to get my name out and to develop a  larger fan base. I will be working very hard to make sure I perform live and to make sure the songs I release are hit records. I hope to be able to have a career in music and I wanna show everyone that no matter where you are from, no matter how many times you failed, no matter how many times the door was closed in your face, and no matter how many times they said no with hard work and belief in yourself you can achieve your dreams.