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Toobs Debuts New Single, "Worms"

Toobs gives grunge and wild child expressions in the new hit “Worms.” Written by singer-songwriter Robert Dakota Bragg, this Maryland-based heavy rock band continues to write and record numerous garage rock style tracks.

Having their tracks released on various music platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud has allowed this band’s media presence to rise significantly as they continue to release new music.

“Worms" is a garage rock band style track sure to get listeners motivated and pumped up. The fast-moving beat and instrumental within “Worms,” engages listeners and brings a true rock tempo. The immense guitar presence keeps the song moving quickly and artistically while the moderate vocals do not overbear listeners and allow them to entirely focus on the band and sounds.

Toobs edgy vocals and lyrics like “Just take a brick to my head I think I'll be alright” truly encompass the garage rock band style and give this track some edge on other related pieces. Toobs is able to express authentic rock music through their instrumentals, edgy vocals, and fast-moving sounds.

Set to release their debut album “CULTS,” in 2021, Toobs is definitely a rock band to keep on your radar to get your fix of some rock music.

Hey! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we love your new single “Worms”! What would you say your intentions were as an artist with this track?

Musically, the writing of the song was completed before I cast any meaning or intentions. But later after writing the lyrics, the intentions were to break down the concept of life being precious in the form of intelligent design. Also coming to terms with the sporadic thoughts and day-to-day manic behavior of every-day people. I wanted the song to express that even though we're just worms living in the dirt in this ongoing battle of birds vs worms it doesn't matter because we get to share it with other worms. Worms are happy with no intentions or purpose and that's okay. To expect anything more creates room for disappointment. Plus it's cool to think about the evolution process from worm to human.

Your band has a “wild child” type of sound, do you consider this before putting together a song or does this type of tempo and expression come naturally for your band?

The "wild child" aspect of the project was intended to express it being my solo work. With TOOBS there is a difference in rawness and grit compared to my other active project Robot Jurassic. Making TOOBS as a whole, my "wild 2nd child". The expression and tempo definitely came naturally because it is just me controlling the process without the limitations of a group effort. It has its pros and cons but the outcome of your solo work can feel much more personal and open to true expression. So yes, it is natural in the sense that I did and can do anything I want to musically which is fulfilling.

We are super excited for the new release of your debut album “CULTS”, how did the pandemic and the difficult year of 2020 impact the creation of your songs and recording process?

This year has definitely been difficult socially and financially but one good thing to come out of it was that I had plenty of time to get back into the garage and produce more music. Without the time-consuming hustle of booking and playing shows, I had the opportunity to create, practice, and record our new record (COVID safe, of course)

Although your group is typically a rock style band, have you ever considered branching out into other genres and the effect it could have on your songs?

I have dabbled in a few different genres over the years. This was actually my "branching out" project straying from the heavy psychedelic rock feel of my other work and into a more simplified and raw version of the writing process that many of the bands I admire seem to explore.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am releasing one more single sometime next month. Then soon after I will release the EP in its entirety. The 2nd EP is in the works. The writing is already completed, I just have to get into the studio which I will do very soon after releasing "CULTS"



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