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Topher + Bang Brings A Soulful Composition With New Single “And Then There Was Fire”

Topher + Bang is a London based dream Pop band composed of singer/songwriter Topher, guitarist/producer Andrei, and drummer Cat! This groups illustrative melodies and lyrics embrace that of the human experience and the emotional dichotomies that naturally entail: pain & pleasure, elation & depression, love & heartbreak. Topher + Bang gives us a soulful vocal performances with big boastful hooks, and modern pop sensibilities. Having a reputable fan base, they are not relying on subtlety when it comes to capturing the hearts of audiences nationwide. Kicking things off with a bang with their third and latest “And Then There Was Fire”!

This song is a delicate melody that fills you up! There is something very poetic about this song. One of those songs that will make the hairs on your arms stand up. Topher’s piercing vocals make you want to give a standing ovation in hopes of an encore. The piano and what sounds like some sort of string instrument really just enhances his already strong voice. You are given a story of passion through the lyrics. Closing out using vocals as the punch to an already smooth song that is so luscious and addicting we wish it didn't end! Bravo to Topher + Bang for delivering a hit!

Listen to “And Then There Was Fire” here and connect with Topher + Bang on social media below to stay up to date on new music, latest news & more!




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