Torch the Hive's Latest Release "Shame on You" Is a Testament to Not Hold Anything Back

Torch the Hive is a rock band that formed in 2017. Since their debut EP 'Such a Wreck' in the summer of 2017, the band has performed a Southern tour gaining the traction of fans from all over. Following their first tour, the band released a second EP 'Cut the Cord' in 2018 and preceded to do a second tour along the East Coast which featured playing an at-capacity show in Manhattan and a festival in the hilltops in New Jersey underneath the night sky.

Recently, Torch the Hive released its latest high energy single "Shame on You" which is their response to the current political and social climate. The record features heavy sounding aggressive drums, a deep bass, rocking guitars, and an edgy vocal that grabs your attention. From the moment the song begins it hits you in the face with the thundering toms and bass before the background group vocals take the spotlight leading a smooth transition into the edgy verse where the rest of the instrumentation gives space for the rant like lyrics to come through. The highlight of "Shame on You" is its chorus; it is an incredibly hooky high energy driven experience that really calls for singing along. We're looking forward to the new EP set to release in later 2020.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Torch the Hive! The band has quite the origin story! From drunken mishaps to being starved of creativity, at what moment did the group realized they all had chemistry playing together? How did the members meet after leaving their other projects? Fruel: I've known Ty since middle school through mutual friends so we grew up together. Eric, I met as a fill-in drummer for my previous band. He's one of those guys you talk to and you feel like you've known him for years. I think the first time everything clicked chemistry-wise was when we shot our first video for our first single 'Fool's Gold'. I was like, "yeah, this is the band I've always wanted to make. This is sick"

Tyler:  I’ve known Fruel since the 7th grade, we always clicked as friends, and I was in my first band with him when I first picked up a bass. We clicked with Eric during the project we were in before torch, and creatively we’ve only grown stronger.

Your latest single "Shame on You" has tons of raw emotion in it! What were the songwriting, production, and recording process like? Was there any element written first and used as the fundamental for the song? Fruel: I wrote the lyrics for "Shame on You" after a hiking trip with friends. I remember looking at the landscape and greenery on one of the highest peaks and thinking to myself "Goddamn, this land is fucking beautiful". Then I started to think about the current political and social climate that America is facing. Crooked politicians, the way we handle social media, things like that. I love this country but there's a whole lot of things that I just do not disagree with and I wanted to take on and challenge everyone with this song because I simply just do not care what people think anymore.

Tyler: The element that first came to inception was the lyrics, which Fruel showed me at a bar while waiting on a gig. Then, we formulated the flow and structure of the track altogether. A few weeks later, we went in to record with Chris DeQuick at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, where we were able to layer the piano elements in the composition.

It's quite exciting to have done 2 tours already, from playing along the south and the east coast were there any highlights from both tours? Were there any interesting stories that happened along the way? Fruel: That first southern tour was a blast. Lots of good memories but I think the best one was when we stayed at the nastiest hotel ever in Memphis. We got real drunk off whiskey and decided to break onto the roof of the hotel. We just stared at the Memphis skyline, passed a bottle around, and had a lot of laughs. I also really enjoyed it when we got to play a show in New York City. I booked the venue and bands myself, and seeing the number of people there really made me feel fulfilled. I remember some guy tried to buy weed off of us in Central Park earlier that day (I guess he was under the assumption we were drug dealers) and we all basically told him to go away because we thought he was a cop. Good times.

Tyler: Yes, there were interesting stories, none that I’d want to share publicly.

Torch the Hive's sound has a very edgy feel to it, are there any influences or idols that the band uses when creating music? What inspires the music being created? Fruel: I grew up listening to a lot of punk like Black Flag, Bad Religion, NOFX. You can thank Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for that. Influence-wise, I take a lot of inspiration for lyrics from old hip-hop. Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, Gang Starr, etc. None of those rappers gave a shit about what anyone had to say about them and they stood behind what they said. I have mad respect for that.

Tyler: Torch is an amalgamation of different influences and styles that have shaped who we are individual as artists, ranging from punk and hardcore to hip-hop and jazz.

What can we expect to see next from Torch The Hive?

Fruel: West coast tour 2020 and a new EP to back that.