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Tori Cross Releases The Magical Single “Midnight”

All the way from Birmingham comes Tori Cross whose background initiated in dance before deciding to shift her full focus on music. She began writing at the age of 16 years old when she enrolled in a performing arts academy to study music.

Tori Cross songwriting is something that stood completely out to us in the release of her latest single titled “Midnight”. Her poised vocals and the lush production in “Midnight” was arranged completely effortlessly and sensational. “Midnight” is an ethereal single that sucks its listener into this unique and special atmosphere where you feel as if you’re elevating in the music. Apart from gravity, she puts her listener on cloud nine. But you most definitely feel gravitated towards her intricate detail and mystical delivery. Her voice is poignant and breathtaking. “Midnight” is a song that will abduct you and you won’t regret it. With every corner of the song you’re exploring a new sense of sensationalism. “Midnight” is a blissful and beautiful record you can’t help but find yourself hypnotized by through every aspect of the song.

Discover "Midnight" here, and continue reading for Tori Cross' exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tori Cross! How would you describe your upbringing? In what ways has your background impacted your style of music?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me! I grew up in Birmingham with my mum. She brought me up as a single parent and when I was a bit older we moved in with my step dad. My mum’s always told me I can do whatever I want to and has never limited me. She’s definitely the reason I pursued music! 

My mum is an artist and photographer and my uncle is a reggae artist and a dj so I think being creative is engraved into my DNA. 

Growing up, we listened to a lot of 60s music, Dianna Ross, the Mammas and the Papa’s and Louis Armstrong which I didn’t realise until today has definitely influenced the music I make now! I love that smooth soul sound. When I started having my own taste in music I listened to a lot of Corrine Bailey Rae. Me and my mum would listen to her first album on repeat in the car all summer! I also listened to Lianne La Havas and Gabrielle Aplin allll the time.

What’s the most fulfilling part of being an artist to you?

Whenever I write, I’m usually getting something off my chest. Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m writing until I’ve written it, and often I don’t feel that way after I’ve written the song but it helps me digest my feelings and make sense of them. 

I adore it when anybody tells me how one of my songs makes them feel and I love to hear when it’s got them through a situation. I write songs for me first, but once they’re out in the world everybody is free to put their own meaning to it. That’s what I love about music, the fact that one song has a million different meanings. 

Congrats on your release! “Midnight” was absolutely beautiful. What was the theme behind this song? How would you detail the lyrical message?

Thank you! I wrote midnight really quickly actually. I wrote it late at night in my little flat in Liverpool. I was in a long distance relationship and I feel like the night time is when your mind starts working on overdrive. tt’s when you think about your other half the most sometimes when your day has been so busy! ‘Midnight’ is almost like the dream state of thinking of your other half instead of texting ‘are you awake?’. The chorus; 

“Tell me, what you think I need to hear, whisper in my ear cause the truth won’t die

Show me, your vulnerability, do it beautifully under the midnight sky”

Is about being honest and opening up in the relationship. You have to have good communication in a long distance relationship haha!

I worked with producer Tee Soulful to transform it into the track it is now.

What inspired you to write “Midnight”?

The long distance situation mainly! When we were producing midnight we took inspiration from Lianne La Havas and Bruno Major to capture that laid back jazz vibe. I love that jazzy pop-soul sound and always try to work it into my tracks somehow.

What’s next for you Tori Cross?

Next weekend I'm heading up to Liverpool to play at LIMF Festival! I'm also playing at Future Yard Fest and later in the year I’ll be supporting Felix Sheppard in Birmingham. I'm also working on new music and have a couple of collaborations on the horizon! I'll be posting all about it on my socials!


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