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Tori Martin Ain’t Got Time For Bullshit In, “Steppin in It”

When you come, you better come, correct?

Spending time between Fort Worth, Texas, and the buzzing music city Nashville, Tori Martin’s genuine approach to her music has earned her a faithful following in the industry. Named one of the “New Faces of Country” by Renegade Radio Nashville, this talented singer/songwriter has always seemed destined for the big stage.

Tori Martin continues to captivate with every release with a sound that gracefully walks the line between the traditional and the contemporary. It might be early in the new year, but Martin’s already headed for big things.

Channeling poise befitting her status as a veteran as well as her genuine love for her music, Martin’s already impressive discography has been steadily growing. With impressive releases like “Magic Wand,” “The Kmart Closed (In Our Hometown), and, of course, “Steppin’ In It” headlining a strong 2023 year.

Martin looks to continue her impressive momentum in 2024. With her single “Steppin’ In It” currently climbing the Texas Regional Radio Charts, Martin’s ascension to stardom seems like it’s only a matter of time.

Keeping the good vibes from “Steppin’ In It” going, Martin has returned with an attention-catching music video. As one would expect from an artist of Martin’s caliber, the music and visuals pair perfectly, with Martin’s captivating delivery accentuated by her electric screen presence.

She sings out from a bar, the open country, and more when she looks into the camera and sings lines like “If I’m a muddy up my boots / I’ll be ridin appaloosas / Chasin’ down the truth not, not steppin’ in it,” you feel it. Don’t be surprised when you start singing along, either.

Tori Martin’s “Steppin’ In It” is a charming, emotionally freeing release that sees the upcoming star protect her peace. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Steppin’ In It”, out now on all majour streaming platforms. Check out the new music video, which is now on YouTube.


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