Torii Wolf Leaves Us Gasping for Air With The Brilliant Release, "L i n e a r"

From New York to Los Angeles, the transcendent Artist and Singer/Songwriter Torii Wolf takes our breath away with the release of their ethereal single, "L i n e a r."

They've also released a picturesque music video for the single featuring the fluid dancer Moonlight.

One is always compelled to hear more of the sultry, sweet, dynamic, and soothing stylings of Torii Wolf, as their unique and expressive vocal abilities are enough to set her apart from the competition.

Writing from a personal and emotional place, Torii Wolf stated that they wouldn't be satisfied until their listeners feel something more profound from their music.

Regarding Torii Wolf's recent single, "L i n e a r," listeners are easily captured into the song's natural bliss and tenderness. We must note how chilling and captivating Torii Wolf's vocals are, especially in this haunting piece, as they serenade us with her poetic lyricism and floating falsetto that's easily complimented by the minimal and mesmerizing instrumentals.

Listening to "L i n e a r," the piece begins with warm piano melodies at a downtempo pace. Setting the song's soothing atmosphere right off the bat, Torii Wolf makes their appearance and starts floating over the piano melodies with their irresistible vocal stylings. As a subtle and airy kick makes a faint entrance, the song is lifted into serenity within seconds.