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Toronto-based Hip-Hop artist REMSEN Releases, "FREEBODY"

Toronto-based Hip Hop artist REMSEN is hugely involved within the music industry as a recording artist and producer. REMSEN has always tuned into his inspirations in order to craft the very unique sound he produces today, and he draws the best elements from the modern-day Hip hop scene in order to create relatable and charismatic singles.

REMSEN's latest memorable single release, "FREEBODY" captures a pivotal story he wants to tell, all while stimulating an engaging and feel-good atmosphere.

REMSEN has an articulate underground sound in "FREEBODY." The delivery is intricate and powerful with the level of confidence REMSEN's vocals contain. He oozes a compelling level of confidence that leaves listeners wanting to marinate in the emulated energy. The synths were combined in a playful way to match the tone of REMSEN, which only worked to further amplify the intensity of "FREEBODY."

"FREEBODY" unravels the realities of REMSEN's life and his perspective. He spits it how it is and exposes many truths within his wordplay. The story is long, and it's worth the entire listen. REMSEN has a lot to say and he's quite the storyteller. He knows how to captivate and engage.

REMSEN wants to be relatable but in an original sense. He is personable with the way he executes his lyrical content and knows the emotional quality his music carries. Sit back and listen to "FREEBODY" with good intent.

How are you feeling following the release of "FREEBODY"? What did this single release mean for you?

Thank you! I feel good. It's been so long since I've dropped anything I'm just glad that the people that love my music get to hear me in the place I am musically. This is only the beginning though, I'm even more excited for everything coming next...way more excited. What were some of your favorite elements of "FREEBODY" upon listening to the finalized version of the track? I think I have a lot of favorite parts. I tried to put moments in there for people to grab onto. The cadence of the hook, the little parts where the beat drops out; it's music nerd stuff but it's what people love my music for.

How does a song like "FREEBODY" shape what's to be expected in future releases by you?

"FREEBODY" is me in my most confident form. That's how I would put it. The album is going to be a more confident version of me but it'll manifest itself in different ways. Whether that's anger, sadness, nostalgia; I'm more confident in conveying those emotions. There's no fear of how people will perceive it because the music is so pure. Where is the direction of your music headed now, REMSEN?

I'm at a stage now where I just want to experiment. I had my time to make the cool, vibey music and I love that. more than anything though I want to give something to my supporters to hold onto. something more personal. My mind goes all over and I want my music to represent the many different paths my mind creates.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I've been off that "First Degree'' album by Lancey Foux. Aside from that, I'm a huge fan of "Save Me," by Antwunn and "Belly" by Spacejxm. Those guys are going to be everywhere soon.


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