Toronto Duo A Is for Arrows Exhibits Pure Confidence on Their Latest Single “Go Slow”

Toronto duo A is for Arrows is back with their latest feel-good electro-pop single “Go Slow”. Consisting of the musical works between lead vocalist Alessia Balasbas and guitarist Eric Robbs, the two have come from two different walks of life to fuse their differences together and create a dynamic synth/electro-pop sound. Alessia from A is for Arrows spoke on the lyrical content within their single “Go Slow”, explaining that the track mirrors past self-deprecating thoughts that transcend into the confidence and independence she has flourished today. With intoxicating electro-pop production, “Go Slow” paves the way for A is for Arrows’ limitless musical journey.

Not to mention releasing a music video alongside their single “Go Slow”, that exhibits top-line editing which portrays an incredibly modern, sensual, and feel-good atmosphere. The track opens with Alessia’s ethereal and timeless vocals overtop Eric Robb's short electric guitar pulses and rhythmic underlying production. With intriguing and cleverly-written lyrics like “This is Friday love, no Sunday crush”, A is for Arrows brings a modern and vibrant feel within three minutes of exhilarating pop. Portraying a genuine message of confidence, independence, and self-worth that speaks volumes and puts A is for Arrows in a fresh new light, we’re loving what the duo has served thus far.

You can watch the video for "Go Slow" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, A is for Arrows! We’re really loving your message on your latest single “Go Slow”. Could you expand more on where A is for Arrows found inspiration to channel the confidence and independence that was always within, to write “Go Slow”?

Hey BuzzMusic! Thanks so much- It’s really cool that you’re digging the message! I think it’s so important that we as humans all have a moment to feel empowered, to feel a sense of confidence and self-worth and although the lyrics are about love - the energy and attitude of the song are very self- assured. I wanted the listeners to feel on top of the world when they listened to this track. To feel like they can be whoever they want to be.

Your latest single “Go Slow” was also produced by Joel Stouffer (bülow, Dragonette, Ria Mae). How was the creative process between A is for Arrows and Joel Stouffer, what did you take away from the process?

I always say that Joel Stouffer/A is for Arrows/Benjamin Nudds are the dream team! When we’re all in the room together, it feels like the closest thing to magic. It’s awesome because every time we’re in the room together, I feel like we all learn something new. I really do believe that sharing this kind of energy allows for so much growth and so much comradery.

Not only does your single “Go Slow” effectively get A is for Arrows’ message across, but you also have a well-rounded video to support. How did you want the music video’s imagery to translate the lyrics on “Go Slow”?

Just like the vibe of the song, we wanted the video to feel sensual, empowering, passionate, and hypnotic! The neon lights and the backseat of a car filled with smoke is sexy, and the darkness of the night is alluring. I love how it turned out.

We've heard that A is for Arrows’ recent single “Go Slow” follows up your debut single and a second single. Now that your duo is starting to carve their way into the industry, is there anything you want to say to our readers about what A is for Arrows’ is all about, and how the duo intends to lock in listeners?

I really just want listeners to know that we’re learning and growing as we go and that what we believe in will always stay the same - we’re only human. We all have to learn lessons and we all make mistakes. We are advocates for kindness and being true to who you are. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. We just want to connect to people and hope that our music can connect with them.