Toronto R&B Artist NINETOFIVE Radiates Love and Passion With His Latest Single “Would You”

Toronto R&B Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist NINETOFIVE releases his feel-good and catchy single “Would You”. From studying at Seneca College’s Independent Songwriting and Performance program to his air time of Toronto radio and accumulation of over 200,000 Spotify streams, NINETOFIVE is constantly working hard to expand his sound and grow familiar with his fanbase. His latest groovy R&B single “Would You” exhibits love in its prime, and capturing lyricism of new love and the excitement of being around that special person. With modern R&B production that serves an extremely danceable beat underneath NINETOFIVE’s vibrant vocals, he portrays the talent of other Toronto R&B stars like The Weekend and Majid Jordan.

Would You” begins with soft background synths and soothing kicks and snares, rounding out the track to meet NINETOFIVE’s stunning vocal arrangements. He sings balladic lyrics that extend his emotions from within himself to his significant other, through meaningful and effective lyrics like “I wanna take you there, make sure you're never scared, keep you safe I came prepared”. “Would You” takes dynamic shifts throughout each transition, keeping the track exciting with different melodies and incredible song structure. NINETOFIVE’s brilliant underlying production brings forward infectious energy and finely-calibrated instrumentation, bringing his single “Would You” to the top of his discography. We’re extremely excited to see what this Toronto artist comes up with next.

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