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Toronto R&B Artist Sirius Debuts New Single “Art of War”

Sirius is an artist whom is forming his own sounds in Hip-Hop and R&B is focused on mixing and creating fresh new sounds that are catchy and filled with emotion. Born and raised in Oshawa, Canada and travelling back and forth to Toronto, Canada to further a career in music and acting, Sirius always had a vision and a vision he’s been determined to execute. From being on stage as Young Simba at the Princess of Wales Theatre and being in multiple shows including the Cheetah Girls, he continues to build upon his career in the industry to become a top tier performer, songwriter and artist.

Sirius recently released his single titled “Art of War” and we were impressed by his lyricism and stylistic delivery. One lyric that stood out to us the most was “I was born in the booth”. That single lyric itself highlighted the entire song for me and showed us not only the meaning behind the song but a more genuine connection with the artist. I love it when rappers rap about how dedicated and passionate they are about their craft and making it in the game because it shows a more authentic side to rap other than the whole fabricated image most rappers like to put up. In our opinion it’s strategic to come out the game with a sense of hunger and drive and allow that genuine starvation to win, be present in the music you release because it adds an element of aggressiveness and undisputed character to your artistry and Sirius is an example of that specific bonafide inanition!

Listen to "Art Of War" here and get to know Sirius in our interview below.

Hi Sirius, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Don't mind if I do, I'm an Artist outside of Toronto, in a city called Oshawa. I am 28 years old born and raised in Canada. I am in love with music like most, but more recently than ever. The past year I have been blessed to stay focused on creating and developing my own music. Finding my own sound to share within Hip-Hop and R&B. I have had many opportunities which have helped me grow in the past. From performing on stage at the Princess of Wales Theatre as Young Simba in the Lion King Production when I was a young kid, which was the moment I knew I would want to create and perform my own music later in life. So here we are. 

Is Sirius your birth name or is it a stage name you’ve selected? If it’s a stage name, what’s the reason behind it?

Well my name is Kyle, and Sirius is my stage name. It has developed over time through many stages and finally landed on the name Sirius. Reasons behind the name vary from a producer letting me know to keep it simple, as well from my handle on social media. SiriusHours. An anagram which I created to represent the Goddess Isis and The Sky God Horus along with the star Sirius. The brightest star in our night sky. I feel like I can carry myself with that, knowing that it will help me be my best. Shine my brightest.

Do you recall your first time performing on stage? How nervous were you? Is it easier for you to perform live now?

My first time performing was in front of 2,000 people when I was 11, as Young Simba. Downtown Toronto at the Princess of Wales Theatre. My first show a majority of people I knew came to see me that night. Ever since then I haven't really been as nervous since that moment. I now look forward to performing as it's so rewarding to have a crowd enjoy the show. I still get nerves but as soon as I step on stage, everything will stop for a split second. Realizing only after the set is complete that you wish you still had a couple songs left.

What are some challenges you face as a rapper when performing live?

Performing live, my biggest challenge is my breathing technique. I rarely use a backing track. So performing live without one you really need to be on point or the crowd will notice when you fall off. Having a proper breathing technique for your music is crucial to keep on top of the song and not miss a pocket or note. I keep a diligent routine when I rehearse my set before I perform a show so I can sound my best. 

What’s your artist interpretation of “Art of War”?

Art of War is one of those song representing my perspective on life. Learning and observing how to move correctly. With everything going on in the world, it can always seem to work against you at a level not expected. There is always a struggle to overcome, so when you have to get out of a situation it can feel pointless. So I write to motivate myself and prove to others my capabilities. From a writing stand point this song means a lot. As I am speaking to others who blindly try to keep me down, but it will not stop my drive to keep building as an artist. I got an empire in my sights.

If you can collaborate with any current rapper in the industry who would you select and why?

If I could collaborate with any Rapper in the industry, I would love to have an opportunity to work with Asher Roth. To keep it simple and enjoy the process, I think he would be a go to for many reasons. He has fun and would bring out the best writing anyone could offer. Asher is so talented with constructing rhymes and delivery. Plus he really does seem like one of the most humble artists out there. 


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