Toronto’s B1GJuice is Going International With His Hit “CHAPTER5.Joy”

Toronto born artist B1GJuice has made quite the impact with his hit “CHAPTER5.Joy” off his latest EP 'Searching.Zip'. Growing up loving sports and music, he built up his passion for certain genres like Disco, Rock, Soul, Rap, and let the music push him to play football to his best ability. After receiving an athletic scholarship to Furman University in his sophomore Year, B1GJuice was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy of the Left Ventricle, which unfortunately put an end to his football career. This is where he found his passion for music and began feeling more hopeful than ever. He’s grown into a father, a developed artist, and a creative director, all while channeling his life events through creative outlets.

If you defined “chill” it would be B1GJuice’s flow on “CHAPTER5.Joy”. With innovative lyrics and bars, clever references to his hometown basketball team, “CHAPTER5.Joy” brings lo-fi vibes with clear and ominous vocals. It’s evident that he works extremely hard on perfecting his rhymes and coming through with a personal message that gets across and genuinely resonates with the listener. Incredibly mellow synths and keys perfectly back up his meaningful flow throughout the entire track. With clear pronunciation overtop intricate and captivating production, B1GJuice has definitely taken his music to another level.

Stream B1GJuice’s full EP 'Searching.Zip' here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, B1GJuice! We’re totally captivated by your rhymes and the ability to rap on a beat. Which artists or groups do you think helped shape your sound?

Growing up my pops played a lot of rap in the house; Biggie, Dre, Snoop, etc so the old school sound kind of stuck with me; I still listen to the “old school” greats today for inspiration. I grew up in an area where mainstream music was really popular, but I and my friends used to listen to a ton of southern rappers in the early 2000s before they become popular. Artists such as UGL, Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, and etc. When I was 17 I moved to Atlanta for a year as well so that definitely also played a part in shaping my sound.

“CHAPTER5.Joy” delivers an incredibly genuine message, could you share with us what inspired the track?

Progression. I remember writing the verses before the hook and asking myself the same question. It wasn’t until both of the verses were finished that the story came to me; a story about searching for your purpose and the growth that comes with the journey.

Your detail and sense of imagery are amazing, what helps you write to your best ability?

I have a vision once I hear the beat. Whether it be an entire story, a situation, or experience; some sort of imagery floats around my head before I begin writing. Once I start writing I pull the details from the vision to help the audience/listener see the same thing I do. A majority of my songs come from a place of personal experience, so going back to that reference point and pulling out specifics is easy.

Your music is definitely something we’d want to catch live, any plans for upcoming shows?

Yes, I love performing. It reminds me of playing football and brings that passion back to me. I do not currently have anything confirmed, but working on a couple of headline shows for this summer. Definitely stay posted.

What can fans expect next from you?

More music. Last year I put out a couple of singles and not many videos; partly because I was ashamed and afraid of the reaction. This year we move with no fear.