Toties Becomes Vulnerable in “Falling Off”

Toties shows us the true meaning of vulnerability and emotionally conveying yourself through his substantial new record “Falling Off”. “Falling Off” touched us here at Buzz. This song had a strong unguarded vibe through the lyrics that was not only emotional but relatable as well. It was a heart-rendering lyric arrangement that moved us due to the gorgeous songwriting and Toties calm yet passionate vocal delivery. Everything about “Falling Off” was so mesmerizing for me. Another strong element in “Falling Off” besides the great lyrical content was most definitely the production of the song. In the beat, “Falling Off” creates an amazing atmosphere that elevates you within the music. It’s this ethereal and unique magnetic field of soundwaves that flows through your ear and feels as if you’ve been physically placed within the song.

“Falling Off” was a powerful record that had a sentimental and authentically driven meaning behind Toties poetic lyricism. Between the production of the track, the well-crafted lyrics, and Toties soft and aesthetically pleasing vocals, there was a sweet-sounding dimension that blended these components together to make a hit.

You can listen to “Falling Off” by Toties here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Toties! How was it growing up in Atlanta? How would you describe your environment?

Growing up in Atlanta was difficult really, especially coming from immigrant parents. I remember the first apartment I lived in was shared with 3 other families. It wasn’t easy being in an environment where the dangers are no further than your neighbor's doorstep. I made the most of it though. Seeing dealers on the corner was common. Hearing gunshots was common. Seeing muggings were common. I've had friends who were doing all that, that brought me into it. I personally had to get it away but I have hope that they find a way out.

Talk to us about your song “Falling Off”. What was the theme behind this record?

The theme would be just me losing touch with not only my love interest but some friends. It’s been rough but I know I’ll see better days.

“Falling Off” had a strong lyrical presence in the song. What inspired you to write this single and why?

I listen to JID, Eminem, Cole, Gambino, & Kendrick, every day. I guess I just mirrored their style in one and just went with it.

How would you describe your creative approach to “Falling Off”?

I was going through it with my ex when I wrote this, and then my friends ending up switching on me. I just took my anger and frustration from that to make this. I could have easily sent them this through a text but for me to feel at peace, I had to make it into a song.

What’s next for you in 2020 Toties?

I'm planning on dropping 2 mixtapes in 2020. One in the earlier half and the other in the later months of 2020. I already have most of the first one done. I just really have to record it and stamp a date on it. The second is still a work in progress. Really 2020 for me is just growing more, getting my name out there more than ever.