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Toy Brandon Is Turning Up The Heat With New Single "Time Zone"

As a soulful Emcee, Toy Brandon combines melodic flows with a soothing canorous tune. Brandon is a Louisiana native of Baton Rouge and music caught the attention of toy ever since the early age of eleven years old when he composed his first rhyme. By 15 years old, Toy began to build his fan base by putting together his own shows. Toy identifies J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa as being some of his influences. Kanye West is also a person Toy admires, but not for his music. Instead, Toy hopes to emulate Kanye's branding success and admires his entrepreneurial grind.

We listened to Toy Brandon’s “Time Zone” and the introduction instantly captured our attention. It begins with a sound of a heartbeat with a fast-forward replay of the entire video. Like the dramatics used in films. Right when the beat transitions in with a smooth-sailing inception, Toy Brandon’s satisfying vocals calms you with his saturated tone. He exceeds your expectations with his lush sound and lo-fi organically chilled vibe. The flow he delivers is highly layered with catchy lyrics and the ultimate breath control, not missing a single beat! "Time Zone" is that song we can add to our relaxed collection of music in which we listen to for a content atmosphere. Toy Brandon is poised to be one of Hip-Hop's stars of the future. He possesses a lyrical flow, business savvy, work ethic and a confidence in his brand that typically only seen in artists at least a decade deep into their careers. The Louisiana native has a natural flare for Hip-Hop. Indeed, his time is coming!

Catch "Time Zone" on Spotify, and keep scrolling for Toy Brandon's exclusive interview!

Tell us about your song “Time Zone” and what inspired you to write this?

I wrote Time Zone a couple years after a bad break up with my ex’s I always wanted to talk about it because I express myself through my music once I heard how laid back the instrumental was that inspired me to talk about it s/o to flip he made the beat.

Does your environment and mood affect your songwriting? If so describe the perfect setting for you to focus on your music?

Sometimes but not most of time because I like to write alone in the comforts of my own home where I can control the vibe and mood.

Tell us about the visual of “Time Zone” and what does it represent?

The first scene shows the love and hate between us kind of similar how my break transpired also showed me stressing in the midst of things then show me rising above that getting a grasp on my career because it was either that or this while still being lost in the “Time Zone” as in my life I shot the visual in another Time Zone the break up happen in Baton Rouge my hometown and the visual was shot in Los Angeles.

What was the impact that interview you had with Jermaine Dupri on Revolt TV have on your career?

It didn’t impact my career at all but personal it impacted me a lot it gave me the motivation and inspired me to get the people in my city to support my music so I started putting together shows that did 100+ every time.

What’s next for you?

Being a full time artists quitting my 9 to 5 going on the road touring and creating a lot of dope music.


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