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TRA1N Continues To Impress Us With Another Hit Off His Debut Album

TRA1N is an upcoming rapper and lyricist from New Jersey who began his career behind the scenes in the music industry, ghostwriting and supplying features for other artists and his friends. Showcasing his abilities over a multiplicity of Trap, mainstream, and Jazzy instrumentals, TRA1N rides any beat, showing justifiable prowess in his namesake.

His first single “Catch a vibe” is a wonderful coalescence of catchy and genre authentic. His debut album, “Midnight Run”, a culmination of his talent and his truest vision of the kind of music that should be displayed by a wholehearted hip-hop head. And one noticeable and major hit on this raw hip-hop album is his single “Win”. The beat to “Win” was grimy and instantly made me fall in love with the song due to how aggressive yet laid back it was. The track had a melodic vibe to it while sticking to the natural roots of hip-hop music and the culture of it. TRA1N delivers a flow that moves fluently with the beat, while having immaculate breath control.  He has this unique rap voice, personable to him that carries through his witted bars and charismatic rap character. This is the type of song you listen to while you work out, exercise, or prep for an upcoming competition due to the hook. “All I do is just win, win win”--it’s like a music push to keep you going in whatever you’re  doing, however it’s delivered in a more cocky and arrogant delivery. It’s perfect. TRA1N'S use of witty and clever lyricism and a wide array of enjoyable as well as deep content could turn the attention of any fan of good music.

Catch TRA1N'S "Win" on Spotify, and connect with the artist through his website and socials:



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