TRA1N Wants You To Follow The “Gentleman’s Code”

TRA1N is a refreshing up and coming rapper and lyricist from Maplewood, New Jersey. Songwriting for his friends and fellow rappers for years, TRA1N now showcases his undeniable talented through his solo career. TRA1N's use of witty and clever lyricism and a wide array of enjoyable as well as deep content, could turn the attention of any fan of good music. Most recently he has performed for Hot 97’s DJ Drewski drawing some serious industry attention as well as opening for the likes of New Jersey’s own Fetty Wap and Albee Al.

Gentleman’s Codeby TRA1N is a hot new addition to the R&B/hip-hop scene. His deep vocal register is alluring and sets him apart in the music industry. Switching things up “Gentlemen’s Code” talks the importance of dressing and acting appropriately. TRA1N knows there’s nothing sexier than being a man that’s dapper and professional. If you dress for success and work hard, your life will follow suit. TRA1N has a sound that's easily distinguishable in today’s hip-hop sound. His authenticity and confidence come blasting through the speakers just as strong as his voice and always leaves us craving more! 

Check out “Gentleman’s Code” here.


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