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Tracee Perrin Sips From A Cup Of Sorrows In "Poison In The Water"

From Los Angeles to New York and back to her old stomping grounds, singer-songwriter and indie alternative artist Tracee Perrin discusses the trials and tribulations of modern relationships in her latest thought-provoking single, "Poison in the Water."

Drawing inspiration from her mixed-race upbringing in LA, Tracee Perrin has been creating soulful, alternative-folk songs since 2007. She continues using her roles as a mother, wife, businesswoman, and artist to create personal yet relatable songs reminiscent of artists like Lori McKenna, Joy Oladokun, and Sara Bareilles. 

More recently, the talented singer-songwriter announced the release of her upcoming EP, The Clearing, slated to drop this year and co-produced with Alex Wong and Cara E. McCarthy. As she looks forward to showing listeners an intimate glimpse of her life and artistic journey, we can pass the time with her recent, powerful single, "Poison in the Water."

The track kicks off with heavy drums and somber acoustic guitar picking alongside mysterious background production to ramp up the emotion. As Tracee Perrin makes her velvety vocal appearance, she recalls her experiences of holding her tongue and sinking deeper into toxic madness with a so-called 'lover.' Yet, she makes an important realization.

Although this relationship's cup is full of water and life, it's laced with poison, and each sip brings her deeper into the chains of toxicity. It's a truly eye-opening, relatable song, especially for individuals who've experienced any glimpse of a mentally draining relationship.

Tracee Perrin has such a way with words, and her portrayal of intimate scenarios is incredibly vulnerable but even more admirable. She organically lets listeners find a piece of themselves in this song, and it's genuinely refreshing.

While we wait for Tracee Perrin's 2024 EP, The Clearing, feast your ears on one of her most impactful releases yet. Find "Poison in the Water" on all digital streaming platforms.


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