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Tracy Young Brings A Seasoned Pop Flair To A Timeless Country Classic

Photo by: Mike Ruiz

When Tracy Young began her career in club music, she didn’t give much thought to how male-dominated the field was. From becoming the first woman to win Best Remixed Recording since the category’s inception in 1998, the GRAMMY award-winning music producer has been hard at work creating a medley of new productions this fall including a dance anthem she wrote and produced with British pop star and actor Duncan James, and two singles she wrote and produced with Debbie Gibson.

Taking our attention to the brilliantly remixed, revised, and revisited masterpiece of Country sensation Reba’s popular song “Turn On The Radio,” we hear Tracy Young adding a club-inspired flair that keeps the grooves infectious, and the volume high.

Through the buoyantly composed soundscape that encourages listeners far and wide to feel the nostalgia that trickle from the rhythmic bassline, and tightly knit mechanical drum patterns, we eagerly grasp onto the creative genius that is infused to the melodic ray of light. Using components that complement the original croons that are beautifully portrayed by a smoldering vocal custom to someone like Reba, the enhancement of this Pop fueled anthem brings something new to the table.

It’s the attention to detail that makes it so we can’t shake this tune out of our heads. Whisking us into higher vibrations that feed off of the lively energy that’s portrayed in “Turn On The Radio,” the main question we’re asking is: how did this not come out any sooner? We understand that great things take time, and there’s a reason the ever-so-talented Tracy Young has a Grammy under her belt. Trusting her with the burgeoning process that surrounds intoxicating bops, we have to admit that we’re here for it.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Tracy Young. We absolutely adore the creativity that went into the likes of “Turn On The Radio (Tracy Young Remix).” What inspired you to take this song and season it the way you did? I feel that we need to explore remixing country music and have always wanted to work with country artists! It’s such a huge genre of music & I love the songs and the writing songwriting. I was immediately inspired when the opportunity was presented to remix "Turn On The Radio” for Reba McEntire. I wanted to keep the integrity of the original song and create an energetic dance floor smash! Do you follow a similar recipe to every song that you remix? How about when you create originals? We would love for you to share a glimpse into that process. When approaching a remix there is already a skeleton that embodies the idea. The melody is already part of the song so it guides the idea for me. I am new to writing original music and starting from scratch. I recently released, "Doin Enough” by Duncan James on my label, Ferosh Records, and collaborated with Debbie Gibson on two songs for her. The first single is called from her new album called The Body Remembers is called "One Step Closer.” This all came together during the lockdown and I sent an instrumental idea to her that inspired her. After that initial interaction, we went back and forth and completed the song and which led to another collaboration called “Love Don’t Care”. On top of the many other projects you’re releasing this fall, what’s the significance of everything coming out? I love the creative space I am in at the moment and working on original music. Ferosh Records is my record label and am working on releasing and finding new and upcoming talent to work with. As mentioned, I recently released, “Doin Enough” by Duncan James and myself, and have a new original track scheduled for release next month called “Distraction” featuring NonChalant. Ferosh Records is also growing and searching for new music talent. We have released a few tracks by The Young Collective and JEI, Ceevox, and TomorrowNow! So I am excited the label is growing.

What is something that your fan base doesn’t know about you as a producer that you would like them to know? I started my music career as a HIP HOP, open format D.J. at a radio station in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. I absorbed all the experiences while working there and the education was priceless. It shaped me as a producer, DJ, and provided a huge foundation on how the music business operates. I also relocated to Miami, Florida 24 years ago for a job as southeast regional promotion for Interscope, Records. DJing became my full-time career focus after Universal merged with Seagrams and I was a casualty. Thank God because who knows where I would be now. What's next for you? Just looking forward to exploring new opportunities and other creative challenges such as film, animated movies, an autobiography. None of us would have survived the pandemic without music and now have another outlet to share my live sets by streaming on Twitch, This has provided a way to share and create a virtual dancefloor no matter where a listener is in the WORLD. It's amazing to meet music lovers and creators, from countries around the globe. I also am working on new music remixes and originals constantly and while the effects of the pandemic linger, working on integrating my live DJ gigs. I have a new merchandise line available on so check that out, and feel incredibly grateful, and humble to still be doing this after all these years!

Photo by: Mike Ruiz

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