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Trade Stevens Asks Important Questions in “Talk 2 Me”

Soaring in from New York is a singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Trade Stevens, serenading us with his catchy and groovy new tune, "Talk 2 Me."

Often described as an "Ole Soul" vocalist with groovy dance rhythms and raw, magnetizing sonic blends, Trade Stevens is truly a jack of all trades. Influenced by names like Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, and Darryl Coley, Trade Stevens also landed his single "Take Me 2 A Place" on Spike Lee's Netflix series, She's Gotta Have It.

You know the memes that describe the emotion an artist put into a song, and we're just over here grooving? That's our experience with Trade Stevens's new hit, "Talk 2 Me."

It's a deeply emotional song that hits in all the right places and can't help but make you bust a few groovy moves along the way.

Expanding on "Talk 2 Me," Trade Stevens dives into the song with lyrics that beg and plead for someone to quit talking to him in a destructive way. He wastes no time jumping into his lyrical content about someone cruel who he happens to be head over heels for. The song's infectious melodies reach a high on the soul-soothing and lush hook that serenades us with heaps of emotion.

Trade Stevens's performance abilities in this song are truly captivating; he captures our attention effortlessly while inviting listeners to relate with his genuine and honest lyrics. This r&b sweet escape is truly a treat for the ears, and Trade Stevens packs all the passion, wonder, lust, and love we could imagine all within 3 minutes of pure bliss.

Do yourself a favor and dive headfirst into the emotion, passion, and irresistible groove of Trade Stevens's new single, "Talk 2 Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Trade Stevens. We adore what you brought to the table in your newest single, "Talk 2 Me." What relationship experiences inspired you to create such a personal song like this?

My songs are expressions of what I hear, listen to, am told, witness, and have overall life experiences. "Talk 2 Me" is an extension of many of the just mentioned. Relationships are about communication and how we relate to one another. "Talk 2 Me," asks a question we have asked ourselves and others at least once in our life.

What did your songwriting process look like for "Talk 2 Me?" Are you used to being so vulnerable when writing more emotional songs like this?

As a singer/writer/producer/performer, being vulnerable is part of the job. By nature, I am a sensitive person, and that sensitivity extends to my music and other areas of my life. "Talk 2 Me" was originally a mournful ballad. I sang the chorus into my phone for safekeeping. The chorus was inspired by a conversation I overheard in a restaurant. The common phrase why do you “talk 2 me” like that was repeatedly said. It stuck with me.

Why did you choose to keep the production and instrumentals so upbeat and groovy for "Talk 2 Me?" What or who might have influenced this irresistible sound?

I owe a lot of the production and instrumentation to my production team (Clarence “T Lee” Hill and Will Preyer). They heard the song as more of a 90’s-2000ish type song but today. They wanted to speed it up and add more of a bounce with a repetitive hook (chorus).

What was your favorite part about creating "Talk 2 Me?" What did you get out of creating this song?

The recording process was quite fun as I had not recorded in some time. My producer knew I was quite nervous. On top of the just mentioned, I had surgery 3 days before I was to record “Talk 2 Me." My producer/engineer, Will Preyer, pushed me and helped craft my sound and overall arrangement of the song. The recording of Talk 2 Me restored my confidence in-studio singing and believing I still have something to offer the world.

What's next for you?

"Talk 2 Me" is my focus for the time being. The success of the song has been overwhelming, humbling, and exciting. I want to make sure more people hear the song! I've recorded more songs I hope to release in the very near future as well, possibly an EP. But it's one step at a time.

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