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$Tragedy$ Drops New Single "Down"

Coming straight out of foster care and orphanages, $tragedy$ quickly developed the life skills, street smarts, and charismas that transformed him into the star he rapidly has became. Using a mix of crafty but creative metaphors and the dope melody he often embeds in his songs to inspire others, he came from nothing to something. His ultimate mission? To let everybody know that no dream is too big to attain!

$Tragedy$ released his single titled “Down” and the entire progression in this record is worthwhile.

The way the energy climaxed alongside the storyline of the song was brilliant. This finely-calibrated hit song has all the stylistic elements to create a song easily digestible for the current lovers of generational hip-hop. I like how “Down” can weave between multiple different genres including Smooth R&B, Trap, and regular hip/hop. $Tragedy$ knows how to fabricate the perfect vibe for people to become attracted too. “Down” is a song many people will love. $Tragedy$’s voice is easily memorable as well as trendy, therefore you’re bound to want to take a listen to more of his music, and tune in more on who the artist is. After the first listening of this record, We just had to take more repeated listens. The texture of the track was satisfying, and the production was unbelievably addicting. $Tragedy$ is most definitely an artist on the rise!

Listen to "Down" here and get to know more about the artist in our interview below!

Introducing the new rising star, $Tragedy$! Tell us about your interesting artistry! Do you have any influences for your style?

Yes I feel like I am in a unique position because i grew up on a lot of very lyrical rappers such as Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Jadakiss,Eminem, and Nas you know the really complex meaning multi syllable flow but on the total flip side I would be super into R&b like even more than rap like 112, Jagged Edge, Donnel Jones, and Ne-yo but i couldn't really sing and that made me i just kept trying until i was half way decent and really artist like Drake helped me find confidence to hone the sing-rap ability because he did it on such a global scale Travis Scott and Tory Lanez have taken that concept to the next level for me.

In what ways were you able to turn lemons into lemonade, and create benefit aspects to your music from your background and upbringing?

Well I grew up in Foster Care and group homes so the fact that i can show kids from that struggle that you have the power to create your destiny and not stay a victim of circumstance your whole life is the ultimate form of lemonade to me. Also growing up in situations where you are not really being supervised by an adult gives you the ability to make bigger decisions and deal with bigger responsibility younger, I feel that is most of the reason i'm where i am at today.

“Down” was a super dope song! What was the inspiration behind it?

I feel like in 2019 we are in this internet dating era where every relationship is fleeting and there's no real loyalty and when there is someone always messes it up so in the song i'm basically saying if you are going to drive me crazy do it when your away from me and drive me crazy in the right ways when you are around because that's the most i can ask for.

Where do you find most of your inspiration when songwriting?

Real life experience and my hopes for the future a lot of this ep was actually based on different stints of time spent with different girls. I can't help but to use that real human element to fuel the creative process if i'm going to be hurt or stressed might as well make a good lasting record out of it.

Thank you for sharing your music with us $Tragedy$! Is there any exciting upcoming news you’d like to share with us?

Never a problem yes! I want to announce I will be performing in San Diego at Diamond Jims's with "The Finattics" they will be performing their smash hit "Don't drop that thun thun" July 3rd starting at 8pm!


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