Transcend Through Time In Cello Miles Latest, “Voodoo”

Artist and poet Cello (Cell-O) Miles brings his extensive knowledge and truth to the music industry with his newest EP “Time With Miles”. Released May 2019, “Time With Miles” focuses on the fact that time is a man-made perception. With this tape Cello Miles allows people to create their own understanding of how to use their time and how to navigate across roads to find their path in life. The 5-track EP features “Right On Time”, “Voodoo”, “Connection (Interlude)”, “Run On” and “Almost Over”. Residing in the Bay Area of Northern California, 23 year old Cello Miles pulls heavy influences from the Neo-Soul genre. He transcends inspirations across time from Langston Hughes to Andre 3000.

My personal favorite and extremely powerful track off of “Time With Miles” “Voodoo” boasts Cello Miles further knowledge and understanding of our concept of time. It’s as if you’re spending time with Cello Miles as well as noticing that time is constant just like miles on a road. Original and soulful, Cello Miles authenticity is evident throughout his skilled lyricism. “Voodoo” talks about the reality of motivated people moving in the fast lane, while others stay sleeping. Cello Miles exudes a confidence and established swagger. The jazzy and smooth R&B undertones to this track keep the listeners on their toe’s. Miles always delivers tracks to galvanize and inspire the music industry today. His individual sound is alluring and authentic and we can’t get enough! Stay on the lookout for Cello Miles!

Check out “Voodoo” here and the EP “Time With Miles” and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Cello Miles, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about your upbring and how you got started in the music industry? 

I grew up with a father from Detroit and a mother from San Francisco. My parents have versatile taste due to being from such diverse musical communities. My REAL first and middle name are from Jazz artist. Pretty much, I was consumed by R&B and Jazz music dating back from the 30’s to early 2000’s. I began writing poetry about 10 years old and that lead to rapping around 14 years old, Lil Wayne and Biggie are the first rappers when I was a kid that I really understood their metaphors. They changed my outlook, and influenced me to begin rapping cause of their word play. All in all, the art form and love for rhythm and poetry pulled me in. 

Who/what inspires you to make music everyday? 

I only know how to express myself best through words. Honestly, anything could inspire me to make music. I could be driving on the road, and see someone holding a sign that leads into me thinking of a 4-bar rhyme. But at the core of all it, wanting to be respected by the legends of the rap industry as well as do right by the culture, that’s what inspires me. I’m a student of the game, and I’m laying the foundation to get there with the greats.

Can you tell us about the meaning behind the lyrics in “Voodoo”? 

Yeah, it was a time where I was battling myself about how I want to curate my EP. The song is about pushing though the adversity and negative thoughts that you may have or even how others perceive you. So the title came from me interpreting other people’s perceptions as Voodoo, metaphorically, their thoughts can possibly control your actions in the physical form. I just want to say to everyone to persevere and don’t allow others dictate how you maneuver through life. Take risks, us as humans aren’t here physically for a long time so find something you love and try to commit to it. 

What’s the overall theme of your EP “Time With Miles”? 

This is my first EP, it’s a conceptual and melodic body of work that takes you on a ride through time. The phrase Time With Miles is as if you are spending time with I (Cello Miles) as well as watching time pass by like miles on a road. Time is a perception of your own reality and with this tape I allow people to create their own understanding of how to use their time and how to navigate across roads to find their path in life. I wanted to create something that each song could be played at anytime of the day and still be able to feel the vibe. My cover art is the personification of my EP, look deeply and you will find symbolism. 

What’s next for you, Cello Miles?

I’m currently working on another body of work, and doing shows in the Northern California Area. Visuals from my first EP and upcoming singles will be dropping soon. Stay in touch BuzzMusic I would love to come down and do a show in LA. 


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