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Transcend While Listening to Oscill8te New Single: ‘Transformation’

Oscill8te is fresh on the scene looking to explore innovative ways of creating music. This eclectic group dreams to create an inclusive musical environment where listeners can unite harmoniously and prosper within the music. On Oscill8te’s debut single ‘Transformation’ we are invited in with a beautiful uplifting piano line, the percussion thumps like a beating heart, guitars gently ricochet across the score and the background atmosphere is full of spectral synths. With lead vocals that can range from somber and distant, to light and ethereal, they illuminate the lyrics; lyrics like: “Because, I am free like lady liberty and I am sound in standing my own ground.” Such benevolence comes from a sincere and humbling place, the writing is wise and figurative. The melodies are more meandering and unmoored from structure, very much like a natural environment, uninhibited by societal norms and constraints.

Oscill8te is a refreshing artistry that will take you back to your roots, deliver you from where you came from and wrap you up in the arms of home. Such musical ability deserves your attention, you will not be disappointed after listening to “Transformation’ from Oscill8te. Allow your ears to be enveloped by the heavenly voice that is Oscill8te. Follow the link to stream ‘Transformation’ today.

Listen to ‘Transformation’ here and get to know more about Oscill8te below!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

It’s my pleasure. Sure, I’m a 25 year old girl living in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is the most isolated city in the world so growing up you always had to be crafty in the ways that you entertained yourself. I always had a love of music and we always had a piano around the house from a young age. I first started playing the piano when I was 3 years old, but quit lessons when I was 7. However, I always kept playing and teaching myself by ear over the years. I also picked up the viola, which I played for a good 10 years, but mostly I just dabbled in whatever instrument I could get my hands on. When I left school I actually went to university and got a bachelors degree in Psychology. However, after a short-time in the workforce I realised that there was this part of me that I was neglecting. This creative, artistic and musical side that really wanted to come to life. Music had always been such a dominant part of my life, so when I started working at Oscill8te, it really just felt like the most natural step I could take. A lot of this time was fuelled with uncertainty of whether I was really making the right choice, and whether I was going to create anything I could be proud of. In hindsight, this song, Transformation really was my guide through this tricky time. Which is what made this song so deeply personal for me, but also really hard to let go of by the end. 

Can you explain the meaning of your new single ‘Transformation’

What can I’s really been a transformative process. I guess the whole song was a deeper exploration of this yearning I had for freedom. What type of freedom, I wasn’t sure. In hindsight it is a sense of emotional freedom, that can only come from cutting ties with toxic elements of your past. When I wrote the song, it became more like an anthem and I just couldn’t shake the lyrics from my head for months. From a collective perspective, I see Transformation as those deep and scary moments we all go through, when we don’t know if something will work. When we have to trust that we know enough about ourselves to make something work, and go all in on the process. It’s the belief we have in ourselves to be committed to the things that give us life, and the strength to follow through with our actions. 

What does the creative process look like for you? Where do you draw inspiration from that draws out such deep and profound lyrics?

Well I wouldn’t quite say they’re all the profound, but that’s very kind thank-you. The creative process changes depending on what stage of the creative cycle I’m at. Generally, I write all the lyrics before getting into the studio. Once the lyrics are out I then sit down and compose out any instrumental sections that might go in. As well as different possible melody and harmony structures that work together. Once I’ve played with the idea long enough, I then work with the engineer in the studio to see what different elements can be added and taken away. All in all, it’s different for every song, but that’s a rough gauge of how it’s played out so far.  As for the lyrics, this is something different entirely. I go into a sort of meditative state and really try to reflect on particular emotional experiences. Growing up I was always carrying a notebook around and writing things down. Even today, I’m still always jotting inspiration down in my phone. I guess the key to inspiration is challenging yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and paying attention to what’s happening around you. I somehow feel it’s the sweet spot in between these two sections that the best stories arise. When I sit down, it’s almost then like the words are just flowing out of me, in a very cathartic way. I see writing lyrics as a healing experience more than anything. As it allows me to really synthesise ideas or certain events that are happening in my life. Trying to resolve all the paradoxes that keep arising I guess...

Who are your musical influences?

I grew up listening to all the greats Elton John, Phil Collins, John Farnham etc. I would say this is where my initial love for great piano melodies came from. In more recent years I’ve really grown to like more electronic and dance music. So everything about making music for me, is combining these two elements. A space between the old and new. One artist who I have grown to love is ‘Avicii’, although he sadly passed away. He had such powerful and profound lyrics, with constantly new and different sounds. He was always innovating, pushing the boundaries forward and sticking to his guns. I think there is real strength in that as an artist, to stay so true to your vision no matter what. So I guess you could say that in all, I take musical influence from everywhere; from any song that really moves me and resonates deep in my core. Most of all though, it’s the artists who made songs that were timeless and immortal. They inspire me the most! What’s cooler than having a song still me relevant or relatable 50 years down the track! I don’t know...

What’s next for you?

There is a whole album written that we will hopefully be able to bring to production and release. The time scale and release strategy on this, is unknown as of yet. However, there is certainly some new developments being released in the next few months. There will be a new song ‘Warrior’release next week which has a much stronger house/dance vibe going on. And a third song currently in production/mixing which has an almost hip-hop feel. It’s been a really experimental process so far, and I feel in order to keep making different music we need to keep up with this type of momentum and creativity. I’d also really like to book in some live performances. That’s certainly starting to move to the top of my agenda now that we have some releases out. So all in all, I guess that’s what you can expect from Oscill8te in the coming months.


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