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Transport Into Still They Ride Team’s Cover Of “Still They Ride”

Still They Ride Team has initiated a ride we should all participate in. This incredible and multi-talented band has created a meaningful cover of Journey's original "Still They Ride."

This versatile group has committed to raising awareness of Parkinson's disease. More specifically, they've dedicated this cover to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research - this cover was inspired by the leads' from Still They Ride, Greg Armstrong's dear friend Dave Mikulskis.

Greg, the band & Dave have created this cover to empower other individuals going through a challenging situation or moment due to this disease. From its origin, this song outlines a journey of constantly pushing forward, being strong, and hustling, even through pain. This made the most sense for Greg & Dave; they highlighted that it is "metaphorically perfect" to have this song as a cover since the lyrics narrate a constant sense of movement that resonates with some of the characteristics of Parkinson's disease.

They want everyone, us and everyone, to continue looking at the positive side of all this. Our life journey must be determined by more than the situations that come to us against our will.

The melody accompanying those deep and melodic lyrics is a nostalgic set of chords that will flood you with vision and passion to fight for whatever you think is worth fighting for. The slow, concentrated, yet wistful guitar sounds in the back and the R&R vibes make this cover much more sense.

We're excited for you to listen to the excellent cover of "Still They Ride" and support some essential benefits.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Still They Ride Team. What was the main goal behind choosing "Still They Ride" as the song to cover?

Multiple goals. The song is about hope, resilience, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles. The title is also relevant to Michael J. Fox's latest biographical movie, "STILL". The goal was to bring back the 42-year-old song and give it new life in 2023 with another "take" and view on the incredibly well-written song and melody.

From your perspective, what feeling empowered the video/cover for "Still They Ride"?"

The Michael J. Fox movie embedded in most of our minds with the "Back To The Future" movie series made for a great backdrop to the lyric video and the MJF Foundation.

How does it feel to be covering such an iconic artist?

Deciding to cover Steve Perry's vocals is not easy, but Dave Mikulskis has the range and power to do so, and we wanted to cover a song that wasn't "over-covered," like Don't Stop Believin', etc. Still, They Ride is rarely covered and a favorite among many who owned that Escape album, although undoubtedly not one of its biggest hits.

What has been the biggest challenge benefiting the research? Have you faced any or not?

Getting the word out is critical. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is a BIG part of this. They are also getting the word out about the track via their promotions emails and social media, which is HUGE for us, and we welcome their hand in helping raise funds for Parkinson's Research, which the singer on our track has had since the age of 51.

If you had to describe this song in one word, which one would it be?



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