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Transport Yourself to Reminiscent Grooves With "Ain't No Stoppin' Now"

Marlon McClain has been an innovative music visionary for nearly five decades. Starting his musical journey as a teenager, he was the co-leader and guitarist of the 70’s progressive jazz, rock, funk band Pleasure. He later joined the Dazz Band and began writing and producing songs for such luminaries as George Benson, En Vogue, and Eric Benet.

Excelling in many roles, Marlon McClain also currently manages award-winning guitarist Tim Bowman and his niece, rising singer-songwriter Whitney McClain, and his son singer/songwriter Brando who was featured on the platinum single "Body" with Loud Luxury

Diving into his most recent release, multifaceted musician Marlon McClain recruits Brooklyn native BD3 to fuse generations through the infectious grooves of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now.” Sprinkling some East Coast flavor, BD3 can be heard flaunting his extensive lyricism and unparalleled versatility through the intoxicating rhythm that surges through your speakers.

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now” embodies the luxurious quintessence of the nineties. As the vocals emanate hard-hitting emcee techniques through a sweep of cadences, and an outpour of vivacious melodies, the soaring performance from both Marlon McClain and BD3 drips in opulent charisma. The upbeat instrumentation arrangement remains top tier as effervescent percolation tackles a fiery poise of the melodic expedition that we embark on.

Meshing together a seamless universe that is fueled by funk and compelling swagger, we can’t help but shine in the optimistic world we succumb ourselves to as this record progresses. Thriving in the nostalgic vitality sure to send reminiscent reflections to anyone who crosses paths with “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now,” the unmatched panache that trickles throughout each wistful synth and weighty bassline has us on the hook.

We admire the passion and intricacy that Marlon McClain provides each of his songs that he releases into the world. Collaborating that dynamism with the simmering spirit of BD3, and we have a perfectly balanced cocktail of hypnotic bliss.

Congratulations on the release of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now.” We love the collaboration between yourself and BD3. Could you please tell us how this collaboration came to be, and what it was like working with one another?

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me! I am so excited about this collaboration between BD3 and myself, it came together through my friend and associate George Littlejohn, I was talking to him about Ain’t No Stoppin Now and how I heard an east coast rapper on the song, and he suggested BD3, he sent me his music and I loved his flow. BD3 and I connected on a phone call, I really felt his passion, it felt like we were already in a band together.

What was your vision when creating “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now?" Did the finished product come out how you initially envisioned?

I wanted to fuse the old and new together, I have always liked doing that, with adding BD3 that was the icing on the cake. Yes, yes, BD3 heard my vision, naturally and very organically!

How does being an experienced musician and recording artist help you with your strategies with your management clients Tim Bowman, Whitney McClain, and Brando?

I can use my experiences and knowledge to guide their careers in a certain direction, which I think has an impact. Not that I know it all, because I am still learning since the business is constantly evolving, but my experience does help in the overall sense of things. With that said it is a team effort, I try hard to listen to what they want to accomplish and then go out and try and make that happen for them.

With each artist varying, at what point do you know a song is complete?

I’ve always thought that songs are complete when they feel good and when the artist loves them. The artist is always the best representative of what they do, so when they like it / love it, it makes a statement that is true and from the heart.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the messages you put forth in your music?

That I am a sincere person and doing my best to make music from my heart and soul.

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming album?

Funky Friday’s Vol. 2 is a continuation of Funky Friday’s Vol. 1 which started from me posting guitar jam videos on Facebook. I would wake up on a Friday, turn on my laptop, plug my guitar into my amp and start jamming while recording the jam into my cell phone. Whatever I played at that moment I would post on my Facebook page. I would get comments and great feedback from my FB friends, so I decided to take those guitar jams and turn them into songs, it has been very therapeutic for me, just letting my feelings out through music. I think my fans will be pleasantly surprised with Funky Friday’s Vol 2, I am doing a few things different on this release., like having BD3 on it, there is a song that we did called “Get Down” that I added Jeff Lorber to the song and it is simply amazing! I also worked more closely with my producer Ralph Stacey aka Phantom.



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