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Trap Stone Gives You A Hit With “Like That”

Trap Stone is a 17 year old, trap styled rapper from KC. If you’re seeking for something to bang out too in the car with your friends, or even at a party, Trap Stone has you covered!

Trap Stone released the single “Like That” and be prepared for this vibe you’re about to feel! The song hooked me the instant I heard it. The exhilarating energy you feel from listening is addictive. However, something I really loved that was elemental about “Like That” was the mystical approach he gave. It was a sense of suspense you felt while listening. The lyrics however, were substantially strong. With catchy bars, if you study the lyrics of the song you will find how Trap Stone still delivers a strong substance behind the fun charisma. It was slightly motivational, in a more in-depth way, opposed to the surface listening of the record. This song was wavy, and I could definitely ride out to this record in my car. Imagine cruising through the city with your friends, listening to a beat that slaps, with a smooth-sailing vocal delivery, and witty lyrics to catch the vibe. Trap Stone could be the trail-blazing hit maker of the current generation, appealing to what’s hot and what’s fresh in the current market of hip-hop!

Listen to "Like That" here and get to know more about Trap Stone below!


Hey Trap Stone! Tell us about yourself and your goals for your music?

I’m a 17 yr old white trap style rapper from Kansas City. I’ve been rappin for a few years but I just started taking it seriously this year. At this point I need better promotion and exposure for my brand and my music. So far my only ‘fanbase’ Or the people that knew what I was doing and listened to my stuff we’re my friends at high school. I’ve gotten good reviews but not good exposure!  I’ve been doing everything I can to research and understand every aspect of the music industry, how it works, what do to if you’re trying to do what I am trying to do and what not to do. My goal is to succeed in the music industry as an independent artist. I really need someone that can answer all of my questions and has experience in the industry. I know I’m doing the right things, I feel like a lot of it is just getting my music in front of the right people, and just like any other business, connections is everything.

Who are some of your musical influences? In what ways have they influenced you

My biggest influence is probably Gucci Mane. His style always appealed to me and his flow just stuck. Some other influences of mine are migos and rich the kid. The migos message always hit me the right way, it’s hard catchy and all around just good, to me at least! I like playing around with different flows and seeing what I’m capable of!

“Like That” was a dope record. The beat was fulfilling! Did you self-produce this song yourself!?

I did produce like that myself, I recorded the song on GarageBand but recently I haven’t been doing any recording unless it’s in the studio. I really want a producer that is reliable that I can consistently work with!

What were some challenges you’ve faced in the creation of “Like That” ?

I guess my biggest challenge was getting the quality to sound up to the professional level. Everything I’ve made in the studio sounds a lot better! 

Any new anticipating projects ?

I’ve been working on music all this year and I’ve narrowed down my first project to 4-5 songs. I’m dropping it on all platforms soon, like that was my debut on all major streaming platforms. What I really want for this next project is adequate promotion and exposure!!!!


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