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Travel Space Transports His Listener With “Last Dance”

Electronic music producer, Travel Space Sound, is bringing a brand new sound into the EDM world. The 27 year old producer from Québec City, Canada, has come a long way, navigating different music influences before dedicating himself fully to Electronic Music. He’s been a guitar player since the age of 9. from melody to lyrics, he from melody to lyrics, he’s been at first composing Punk Rock songs, then moved into the Heavy Metal scene and finally worked with Hip-Hop music later on. All those music genres are incorporated into his work and are shaping up his way to create music.

Ironically matching his name, Travel Space Sound released a transporting and traveling record titled “Last Dance”. “Last Dance” is an undeniably great song that has a unique and zany vibe to the record. It’s a dance hit with a unique twist of pulling the listener in with the intricasy in the production. You’re a part of this super funky and hypnotic journey Travel Space Sound creates for you. Taking his listener through multiple twists and turns, you’re bound to discover something magical through this mesmerizing single. Travel Space Sound puts his listener on a musical high, and has us feeling like we’re stuck on cloud nine. “Last Dance” was able to remain fun while still creating unique imagery for the listener. You’re immediately painting vivid pictures in your head and fabricating your own plotline for the lyric-less sensation and jam. Travel Space Sound is giving a glimpse of his debut album scheduled for 2019. The music video has been shot in Montreal, Canada, and is a full action dark story that keeps the beat pumping till the very end.

Check out "Last Dance" here! Read more with TSS below in our exclusive interview.

Thank you for sharing your music with us Travel Space Sound! Knowing you’ve been on a personal journey through different musical styles and genres. Do you incorporate a little of each into your music?

Yes, but I think I do it unconsciously, like a natural way to create my own sound. I don't try to make a specific sound each time I make a song, I just go with my feeling of the moment which are most of the time a little mix of some different styles. But for people who listen to my music, excepting hip-hop, which I think that it is pretty obvious there's some influence of it into what I do, maybe only I is able to say which genre has inspired me to make a song. What i'm trying to say, is that as an exemple, I can make a very smooth song that I've been taken ideas from Metal music and the opposite too. An heavier one with a pop-punk atmosphere and melody inspired from hip-hop. Most of the time, the song I'm creating finds a way itself to sound as its suppose to. But I would be lying to say that I never change the way I'm making a song during its process.

What are some challenges you may face as a producer? How do you overcome these obstacles?

From making music to just trying to be heard by people who like the same genre, I think my strength has always been that I work hard for the things I want to succeed to or to get.

In my life in general, to reach a specific levels of success in what I like and believe in, I've always had to work a lot and to practice on my weaknesses to overcome the obstacles.

For the producing step, sometime I can make a song in a couples of hours only, other times, I can get stuck for a very long time on a little part, not finding the right melody, the right instrument, the right feelings and then I just work and work on it until the right things come to life. I don't take the easy path ( the first thing that comes in my mind ). I think that working and to not fear to spend a lot of time on something that is difficult is the key to get to the next level or at least to something you can be a little proud of.

Let’s talk about your music! We loved “Last Dance”. What was the main vision behind it?

For the song, I don't know if there's something specific I was trying to get when I was making it. When I've found that bass line, I just told myself, that this is something we could dance to.

For the music video, the video producer Dominique Caron and Sonia Frickx just wanted to bring to life the story that the music was telling to them. They found the perfect fit for the song.

They had a vision to make this kind of story to put on the music that couldn't have been a better fit. Every scene is guiding us with the beat into something very special.

Where did you find your inspiration for “Last Dance”?

I found that first riff ( that is actually the main bass line ) while I was playing acoustic guitar. I founded it very catchy and simple. Later on, I just played it with some virtual instruments until I've founded the bass that sounded perfectly to me. Then I just created it with the mindset that it has to make us wanna dance.The only thing I had in mind, was to make this song moves, a good beat.

The interesting part is that almost 4 years has separated the beginning of the making from the final version of the song. I made the 3/4 of the song on the first night I worked on it if I remember well. Then 3 or 4 years later, when I was setting up all those things to make a music video, I met a good friend of video's producer Dominique, Thibaut. After a couple of months, when I got the first draft and a couples of shoots from the music video, Thibaut and I met and worked together to give the song the same atmosphere as much as possible that the video had, without changing the body of the track. In the unique goal to make the video and the song, a single piece. Thibaut really brought up some cool ideas and helped me a lot to make it fit perfectly with all those scenes. Finally, I can say that the video itself gave us a lot of inspiration to make this song the way it sounds now.

What’s next for you Travel Space Sound?

I am now working on releasing two new singles during the summer. I have a couple songs ready to be release, I just need to choose which one would worth it more.

I plan to start to do some gigs and live performance, I hope to be doing some by the end of the summer.

And for sure, I will continue to bring up some new good music as much as possible and probably get back on a clothes brand project for Travel Space Sound that I have been working on 2 years ago. I would like to set this up, so people who likes what I do will have the possibility to get some merch.


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