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Travel Through Ohyah.'s Exciting Artistry In Their New Single, "No Release"

Hailing from Boston, the singer-songwriter and pop duo Ohyah. brings us into a radiant and passionate listening experience with their latest uplifting tune entitled "No Release."

Ohyah. is comprised of quite the unlikely duo between the hard-rocking stylings of Shaqed Druyan and smooth-pop specialist Ry McDonald. After forming their duo in 2020, Ohyah. began honing in on their co-writing, recording, and instrumental/sonic capabilities. Their talents landed them nominations like Song of the Year, Pop Act of the Year, and Best New Act from the New England Music Awards.

Now releasing their uplifting and feel-good tune, "No Release," listeners can get to know what Ohyah. is all about. Their beaming sonics and instrumentals paired with their soothing and passionate vocals truly make for a memorable and refreshing experience. Not to mention their artistic chemistry; it'd be a shame to miss out on such a thorough, well-rounded, and exciting song like this.

Diving headfirst into their single, "No Release," we're greeted with a lively electric guitar duo that sonically serenades us with nothing but love and desire. Listening to Ry McDonald's bright vocal portrayal, he instantly swoons us with his warm, airy, and intriguing melodies while singing a passionate message of holding onto someone's love for the rest of eternity.

We adore the song's wildly desirous and exciting lyricism, especially as the accompanying instrumentals portray this easy-listening and modern pop soundscape to enhance the song's freshness. This track is incredibly uplifting; Ohyah. puts on an electrifying performance while holding onto our hearts with the utmost talent, rhythm, and groove.

Bask in the sonic and lyrical glory of Ohyah.'s latest single, "No Release," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're head over heels for the passionate and feel-good tone of your latest single, "No Release." Where did the inspiration for this heartfelt song come from?

Someone had told us a funny story about a friend who didn't get exactly what they had imagined while chasing some romance. We were in the studio & it gave us a laugh and some fun inspiration, so we started writing.

What did you want to make the listeners feel when experiencing your single "No Release?"

100% super good, and not at all sad. Maybe a tad cheeky.

Your duo's creative process was like when formulating the instrumentals and sonics for "No Release?" How did you share and go about this process?

We usually get into the studio with a start of some sort. In this case, it was that opening riff and the subject. It started with those key pieces and grew from there.

Who wrote the passionate and uplifting lyrical content for "No Release?" Was it easy for you to find the right words to portray your emotions and love for a specific person?

The funny thing about the song is, it isn't truly a love song. We wanted to accomplish it sounding and feeling like a love song, but in reality, it's about getting what you wanted, and something still isn't right. That's why the end of the song repeats that line, "what are you gonna do now that you got me?" It's our main character having an "uh oh" moment.

What's next for you?

"Work work work work work" - Rihanna. We want to get some new music out very soon.


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