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Travel Through Time with Therese Curatolo's 1980's Inspired, "Braille"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and globally acclaimed vocalist Therese Curatolo lights up any room with her effervescent energy, charisma, and retro vibe. Therese Curatolo has established herself as an artist on the rise, singing alongside soul legends Stevie Wonder and Martha Reeves. Through the years, her versatile vocal power has taken her from the Metropolitan Opera to the big screen and iconic venues, like The Troubadour. She prides herself on her wit, humor, and honest approach to songwriting, as her music has been described as retro pop/funk reminiscent of HAIM, The Night Game, and Fickle Friends. Vibrant hues of mind-altering magnetism come pouring out of Therese Curatolo’s groove infused bop, “Braille.” This single happens to be the next chapter in Therese Curatolo’s retro chronicles as she has a knack for conveying her fan base to innovative soundscapes crisp with a wistful resonance. Accompanying the buoyant atmosphere of funk amalgamated rhythm that hails from the resonant bass line and definitive guitar riffs, everything about “Braille,” screams throwback. Honing in on the filmic component of this jaunty exploration through the eras, everything from Therese Curatolo’s alluring croons to the memorable fashion choices has us suddenly overusing the words groovy and rad. The Farah Faucet hair that she rocks impeccably blows in the wind as the scenes take place in a colorful outdoor landscape where the flower child can be seen showcasing her talents while bashfully busting a move in a neighborhood setting.

Navigating through the reminiscent wave of 80’s inspired nostalgia dispersed in the overall composition of this song, the memorable talk box's addition sends this track into a realm of its own modern tenors as it encapsulates the essence of old-fashioned melodies. We won’t lie, we feel fully transported to the destination that Therese Curatolo has intended for us to venture to. How she portrays such a dominant character in the music video for “Braille,” not only reflects on her boisterous persona but emphasizes the creativity that pours from her as an artist. “Braille,” sends us into a simmering realm of Therese Curatolo where her undeniable vocal range extends us into new heights. Enjoy this sonic and visual pairing with a nice tall glass of iced tea, the sun beaming down on your skin and the volume turned up.



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