Travis Cloer Spreads Instant Holiday Cheer on New Release, "Holiday With Me"

Cloer is all about bringing some fun to the table with his recent string of releases. Hailing from Kansas, Travis Cloer is all about setting his sights on his goals and putting every step in place to achieve them. Using his raw sense of spirit to guide his artistic persona, Travis Cloer is what you would call a natural performer and entertainer, which will inevitably get translated through his latest holiday-inspired release.

Jubilation immediately fills the air with Travis Cloer's recently released track, "Holiday With Me."

We're getting that instant pep and cheer with the buoyant vocalism of Travis Cloer, as he doesn't let one second of the track to waiver in its projected energy. The playful energy that arises from "Holiday With Me" brings instant positivity and waves of calming serenity, allowing for an enjoyable entertainment experience to ensue. Travis Cloer takes the time within "Holiday With Me" to express the desires he possesses, especially over the holidays with a certain special someone.

The persona that Travis Cloer takes on for the song is absolutely fitting with the holiday theme, and we're ultimately admiring his natural sense of cheer that gets relayed through his upbeat and flavourful performance.

Travis Cloer is undoubtedly the right kind of artist to spread some holiday fun, and we're looking forward to any further holiday-inspired releases from this fanatic artist.

Hello Travis and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. How would you describe the creative process of writing and recording your own holiday-inspired single?

I started writing this song a couple of years ago and just finished a few months ago. I just kept getting distracted with other projects, other songs, other shows, several things. Then the Covid pandemic hit and I had plenty of time to finish many unfinished songs. I love Holiday music and I love writing it. With the uncertainty, anxiety, and troubled state of the world right now, I wanted to record a song to take people away from their worries. This song talks about forgetting all the stress that is on us at this time of year, packing a bag, and running off to the islands to celebrate the big day. It’s packed full of my major influences too. I say it’s like 60’s pop meets doo-wop meets Nashville and they all got to Hawaii for Christmas! I also got to work with my good friend Grammy-nominated artist Frankie Moreno. He produced my debut album “HERE’S TRAVIS CLOER” last year and knocked this track out of the park. It’s fun, upbeat, catchy, and will make you want to hit repeat!

What was the most rewarding aspect of creating "Holiday With Me?"

Like I said, I wanted to give people something to take away the weight of reality right now. How nice would it be to run away to a beach, not worry about anything and pop open a bottle of pineapple wine to celebrate Christmas? Musically, I loved recording the harmony vocals on this tune. I’m a huge fan of vocal jazz and doo-wop. That's pretty evident in all my music but it’s on full display on “HOLIDAY WITH ME”.

What were you hoping your audience would receive throughout the duration of "Holiday With Me?"

I want listeners to feel good! I classify all of my music as “feel-good music”. I believe there is a power in music that can touch a listener’s soul in a very intimate way. That is why I do what I do. With “HOLIDAY WITH ME”, I want people to smile, sing along, to dance, and tell their friends how great they feel when they listen to it.

Are you planning on releasing any further holiday singles throughout the upcoming holiday season?

I don’t have any releases lined up. I do have another Holiday record I recorded a few years ago called “Christmas at My Place” that people can find online. I’ll also be releasing a video for “HOLIDAY WITH ME” in December. Who knows though, I might just get in a mood one night and record something else to get my fans and listeners in the spirit of the Season. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

This has been an incredibly tough year for us all. Artists especially have been impacted in a way we’ve never seen. I’ve reached deep to find a part of me that I didn’t know was there both in my art and my personal life. With all of us being forced to have nothing but an online presence, I’ve found peace in writing original material as well as recording covers and making videos of the songs and posting them on my YouTube page. I must say that my video production skills have made a major leap in the last few months. My wife and kids have been a major inspiration to me. I want to make them proud of what I do and how I handle situations. I guess at the end of the day, I’m not truly happy unless I’m involved with music and entertaining. Since we’ve been forced off stage, recording songs like “HOLIDAY WITH ME” is what keeps me going, inspired, and looking to better days when we can be on stage again in front of live audiences making that soul connection.