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Tray Nova and Nekiya Ade Swing Us a Lush New Single With, "Closer"

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, singer-songwriter and versatile r&b/hip-hop artist Tray Nova teams up with vocalist Nekiya Ade for their latest release entitled "Closer."

Always letting his music speak for itself, Tray Nova is no stranger to combining his real-life experiences with meaningful lyricism and an accompanying soulful flair. Not to mention the recent formation of his collective '2ill,' Tray Nova is constantly seeking new ways to explore his artistry while making waves across the independent music scene.

Getting to the goods, Tray Nova recently released his soulful collaboration with Nekiya Ade entitled "Closer," off his latest 5-track EP, 'Note to Self.' The song itself is more than intoxicating, as Tray Nova's passionate performance merged with Nekiya Ade's angelic vocal stylings make for an unforgettable and chilling listening experience.

Jumping into "Closer," the tune kicks off with a throbbing bassline alongside tender mid-tempo keys and a punchy drum arrangement that sets the song's heartfelt and lush sonic tone. As Tray Nova makes his charismatic vocal entry, he begins to swoon listeners with his passionate performance and lyrical ode to someone's magnetic and alluring presence.

As Nekiya Ade jumps in on the hook, she offers this perfect vocal contrast that steers our attention onto her soothing and harmonious vocal stylings. As Tray Nova returns on the second verse, his rich and passionate performance is nothing short of greatness, as he paints incredibly endearing and heartfelt images for listeners to stare off into any romantic and sensual daydream they please.

Get your dose of passion with help from Tray Nova and Nekiya Ade's latest single, "Closer," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tray Nova. We genuinely can't get enough of your passionate and sensual single, "Closer." What inspired you to create this lush and romantic tune?

I appreciate the kind words, the inspiration for "Closer" comes from my love of 90's/early 2000's Hip Hop and RnB. Artists such as J.Cole, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Kanye, and Andre 3000 influenced my writing for this particular track but kept the lyrics unique to my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The track "Into You" by Fabolous and Tamia, "Got Till It's Gone" by Janet Jackson and Q-Tip, "I'll Be There For You" by Method Man and Mary J. Blige, and "Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)" by LL Cool J were all direct influences also with how I approached "Closer."

Is this your first time working with vocalist Nekiya Ade for your single "Closer?" What drew you to feature her soothing vocals on this track?

Nekiya Ade is an amazing LA-based singer-songwriter and yes, this was our first time collaborating. I was a fan of her music before we worked on "Closer" together and the song that drew me to her work is titled "Forbidden Fruit" off her latest EP "The Appetizer". We connected through social media in 2020 and since then have been collaborators, even being a part of the same collective of creators together by the name of 2ill. Be on the lookout for more content from the collective and Nekiya Ade by following the Instagram handles @2illcollective and @nekiayade.

Did you collaborate with any producers or engineers when crafting the sonics for "Closer," or was this a solo process? What sort of mood or atmosphere did you want this song to capture?

The beat is credited to Talen Ted, a Canada-based beatmaker. I am the type of artist that works off of inspiration and the moment I heard this beat by him I instantly knew the direction I wanted to go in with this track. The bounce of the drums and the dreamy manipulation of the track's sample reminded me of the late 90's and early 2000's hits I mentioned previously and the many others that I grew up listening to. One thing I wanted the listeners to feel was a sense of nostalgia and warmth whenever the track plays which I believe me and my collaborators achieved.

Could you expand on how "Closer" fits into the overall concept of your recent EP, 'Note to Self?' How does the song add to the EP's theme and vibe?

The 'Note to Self' EP is a reflection of different life experiences and inner thoughts I had during the time I worked on it. The track "Closer" is a song about my desires and the qualities I look for in a relationship while putting it into the context of my traveling lifestyle as an artist and the times we were in (referring to the pandemic lockdowns of early 2020). The uplifting lyrics and tone of the track relating to the general sense of optimism and positivity the EP has.

How can listeners get to know you on a more personal level after listening to your EP, 'Note to Self?' Would you say that your creative process for this project was rather vulnerable, personal, and intimate?

I would say the best way listeners can get to know me is by understanding that I try to bridge the gap between myself and Tray Nova as much as possible when writing and recording music. This means that every lyric is meaningful for me with hopes that it connects with others who listen also. From triumphant tracks like "Soul Survivor" to the self-healing message of "The Message" to my tellings of the Black American experience with "Still Dreamin'", every track on the EP is intentionally intimate with me working to dive deeper with future projects.


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