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Tre Kent Channeled His Inner Suave Persona For “Where Have You Been”

Tre Kent, a rapper born and raised in ST. Louis Missouri, released his new single today titled “Where Have You Been”. “Where Have You Been” begins with a melodic introduction and a mellifluous vocal chord that weaves the line between chest voice and the high pitched vocal register. The romantic lyrics subsidized the energy of the single. What I interpreted from this record is that the vocalist is singing about the craving of a loved one whom he’s been searching for all his life and he finally found her. He feels as if she’s the right one for him and he expresses that through a canorous tune we can sing along too. Tre begins rapping and delivering a flow on a more pop-sounding love bop, showing us his versatility and his maximum potential as a rapper and artist. And if this isn’t enough for you to determine if Tre is the next multifaceted icon, then maybe his background can give you that impression. To be a little more insightful, Tre Kent was introduced to gospel quartet music at a young age from his grandfather which was the rooting spark in his love for music. His passion and the chemistry he feels between himself and his songs is what drove him to create hits such as “Where Have You Been”. Despite the spiritual and religious background, Tre has an interest in RnB, Soul, Pop, and Rap music. Digesting his spiritual demeanor into a more urban marketed music industry, Tre is a hit-making creator who has a bright future ahead of him.


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Check out Tre's exclusive interview below where he tells us about the curation of "Where Have You Been"

Tre can you tell us a little bit more about the genre ‘gospel quartet’ ? 

The gospel quartet genre originated in the south and is made up of four part harmonies. My grandfather use to always play a lot of groups such as the Jackson Southernaires, Canton Sprituals, Mighty Clouds of Joy , etc. I still occasionally listen to some of these groups til this day. 

How has this background influenced or impacted your artistry today?

It has influenced and also enhanced my artistry today greatly. It introduced me to different harmonies that you usually don’t hear in secular music such as R&B.. I feel like that definitely sets my sound apart from other artist due to my early gospel influences.. people will definitely hear something different in my music that they’re not use to hearing. 

What type of music you generally listen to? Have you ever discovered inspiration through specific songs?

I listen to a lot of current and old artist/ groups within a couple of genres. I’ve always been a huge Chris Brown fan.. as you guys can probably already hear in my music lol. I’ve been listening to a lot of Jodeci, Prince , Bruno Mars, and Jimmy Hendrix lately also. Listening to different artists, sounds , and vibes really expands my musical creativity.  

How did the collaboration with Mozey for “Where Have You Been” come about?

Well.. I created “Where Have U Been” 2 years ago in with my good friend Aaron Cartier who produced the beat. Originally it was just me on the whole song and Aaron told me about an artist he was working with that went by the name of Mozey.. A week later Aaron sent the song back with Mozey on the 3rd verse of the song and it was so fire that I kept it! It really enhanced the song. I’m always about making the my music the best as possible by any means necessary. Mozey and I have been cool ever since then. 

Can you tell us a bit about the what this song is about and what it means to you? 

This song is about finding your soulmate.. the person that you can vibe with and develop and unbreakable Bond with! I made this in a time in my life when I was searching for that.. and luckily I found her last year. She knows who she is lol. Big shoutout to her! 

What’s next for you through 2019?

I have a project coming out in July of 2019 titled “Issues” . It’s going to consist of about 12/13 songs. This project is my baby lol. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! I’m also going to release a couple of more singles in between the release of my single “Where Have U Been” and also my project “Issues” ; which I said is dropping in July. I can’t tell you guys which singles are coming just next though lol.. Have to wait for it! Follow me on my social media accounts. 


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