Treat Your Ears With Ben McCarthy’s Intense Release “all vx” & “are we having fun yet”

Canadian Electronic producer Ben McCarthy recently debuted his two-track release "all vx" and "are we having fun yet." Ben creates mind-blowing soundscapes that mix elements of the 2010 nightclub scene, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), and audio-altering plunderphonics. With vast experience in production, we can hear these elements merge effortlessly with his recent releases. Through "all vx" and "are we having fun yet," we understand everything that IDM has to offer and much more. With brilliantly altered vocals that rain down from above, all the way to punching bass lines that make your speakers vibrate.

Splitting up the release into two parts, Ben McCarthy starts with harmonic and heavenly audio with "all vx." While the introduction progresses for about a minute, the fastest minute, you'll experience, as it's effortless to get lost in his sounds. With a driving kick that gives "all vx" an incredibly broad range, we're heavily anticipating an array of sounds to shine through. About halfway through, the track moves into a scorching instrumental with heavy synths and finely-calibrated percussion. We've noticed that Ben McCarthy takes his time when adding layers into his songs, progressively growing wider in sound and letting us thoroughly hear each transition.

Moving into a more haunting piece with "are we having fun yet," we hear an incredibly high pitched vocal chillingly vocalizing those exact words. Giving us a mid-tempo bass feel with a massive kick and technical aspects, the track again grows progressively wider and sinks us into a deep trance through the elect mix of drum breaks. Without even realizing it, the vocals disappear only for Ben McCarthy to hit us with them again at the beat drop. Without using many synths in the first half of "are we having fun yet," the second time around the fall, we're met with subtle and melodic synths that add an animated touch. Capturing all sorts of emotion within "all vx" and "are we having fun yet," Ben McCarthy graces us with nothing but sonic perfection.

Listen to "all vx" / "are we having fun yet" here.