Trent Herzman Tells Us What it’s Like to Look Past Our Imagination in “All In Your Head"

The Oceanside based Singer/Songwriter Trent Herzman is an artist who specializes in creating exciting Folk/Rock hybrids that connect with people.

With most of his songs being a dreamscape that has a subtle flair of dystopian that paints a painting of subjects that a majority of people shy away from.

Working closely with artist and producer Drew Land and with producer and engineer James Page, Trent Herzman has released numerous singles and is back at it again to tell another story with his latest release “All In Your Head”.

Opening up with a big bold acoustic guitar, “All In Your Head” is a feel-good tune that tells the story of someone thinking their partner is doing wrong when really, it was just something they were imagining.

We couldn’t help but feel enlightened when listening to this one, the guitar combined with the chill, laid back drums, and then Trent Herzman’s soothing honest vocals makes for an experience that many people will feel comforted by. It’s one of those campfire records that when listening you will feel like you’re at peace and at home.

We are loving everything about “All In Your Head” and can’t wait to hear what else is coming from this sonic storyteller.

We are loving your feel-good release “All In Your Head”! Do you have a personal connection to the lyrics or is it a story that you had come up with?

I have a personal connection with almost all of my songs. The lyrics are often (only sometimes slightly) exaggerated stories based heavily on recollections of my past personal experiences. The sounds of this release and very clean and comfortable, what was it like to work with Drew Lang and James Page on this one? What was the recording process like?

I've been working with James since my first album and Drew for 2 albums now. The recording and mixing process is pretty fast and efficient, I'm definitely pleased with how we work together and the framework for each album comes together pretty fast once we get going. 

With many of your songs being indirect stories, what inspires you to write the words you do? Do you have any icons or places you like to be when writing?

Most of my songs are based on my experiences so I write them fairly quickly. I think of an event or feelings I've had after experiencing parts of life that stand out or at least general concepts - and then sing about them over chord progressions we come up with. Drew Lang is largely responsible for the catchy melodies and this album features a lot more of his vocals for back up sections. I’ve finished 4 albums with James over the past 6 years. It’s been a good ride so far, we have both grown a lot in our abilities with music over time. As far as icons or inspirations - Hunter S. Thompson has been a powerful influence for me especially in making choices throughout my life and how to live it - but as far as a concrete muse in terms of musical artists... I don’t really have one.

Now that “All In Your Head” is out, what types of goals do you have for yourself as an artist, and what are the steps you have in place to achieve them?

The goal is to continue writing. I am at it every day, it’s what I love. The ultimate achievement is each individual song. I'm looking forward to getting more into video and possibly playing live (provided the pandemic ever subsides.) What can you tell us about your upcoming release “Never Ending Bender”?

It’s a huge leap for me in production and a lot more diverse with genre fluidity even within songs. I’m not sure if it’s my “Pet Sounds” or “Sgt. Pepper” but I do feel it's my best work so far and I'm very much looking forward to putting out more songs soon.