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Trent-Jean Drops Hints with Their Powerhouse Prelude, "Illusions 09"

Coming in hot from Perth, Australia, the motivational singer-songwriter and genre-bending artist Trent-Jean releases an anthem for the underdogs with their recent prelude, "Illusions 09."

Through their music and personal life, Trent-Jean strives to achieve any vision and overcome all barriers with help from their motto, "It's all illusions, baby." Constantly keeping us on our toes, we're excited to see what Trent-Jean has in store to follow up their recent anthem, "Illusions 09."

Bursting our speakers with their recent hit, "Illusions 09," Trent-Jean infused this snappy cyber-rock prelude with nothing but energy and fire. When asked about the single, Trent-Jean stated, "I want this prelude to be a mini-anthem for the underdogs of society, for those who have felt like the freaks, the unwanted, and the unsettled."

Diving into this heavy one-minute banger, "Illusions 09" swiftly opens with a sparkling array of background pads and Trent-Jean's heavily intriguing and filtered vocal stylings. With the addition of steamy electric guitars, the track later swells into this powerful and lively banger with help from the wild instrumentation and production.

Once the upbeat drums make their way in, the track grows even larger into this sweltering groove through Trent-Jean's unique vocal arrangement and the hi-fi sonics. While Trent-Jean serenades us with their lustful and desirous harmonies, the supporting sonics and instrumentals push a similar feeling and sensation until the static sounds of the outro.

Capturing an intensely sensual atmosphere merely within a minute, Trent-Jean leaves us hoping for more upbeat tunes like "Illusions 09" with their forthcoming projects. Find "Illusions 09" on all streaming platforms.

We're genuinely impressed with the intense sonic and instrumental atmosphere within your recent single, "Illusions 09." How did you want your audience to feel after experiencing this heavy one-minute track?

I want the audience to feel Elevated - I want them to feel like they can conquer any battle in their lives with swagger, confidence + gusto. That feeling you get when you leave the cinema after a (James) Bond film - ready to kick-A$$, save the day + get the Girl (or person, whatever floats your boat) - David Lee Roth, said he "Sells smiles 4 a Livin'" - I want to do that... and turn that dial up to 11... whether it may be for a Moment... or a Mile.

What inspired you to create "Illusions 09" around the concept of underdogs and encouraging others to live unapologetically?

Growing through youth I always felt like an odd-ball - like I never fit in with any particular group or "Clique". I spent a lot of my life seeking validation from others and twisting my perception of the world to fit in... Well it was a horrible time, and you will never be 'Soulfully' satiated - plus it is not sustainable. Once I took the leap + mentally checked out from the 'seeking of validation' and embarked on the journey to "take the road less traveled" I experienced freedom + sincerity I had never once reached before. I want to encourage others to stay true themselves, their journey + break away from the bounds that suppress their natural glow and the infinite potential lying within our souls to ignite the '"fire" to "warm the heart of this world" -

Could you bring us into the creative process for "Illusions 09?" Did you work alongside any producers to navigate the song's blistering and powerful sonics/instrumentation?

'ILLUSIONS 09' is the 1st record that I've had the solo-Producer seat - I played the synth, guitars, programmed sampling + percussion. My Drummer + Dear Companion 'The Mighty Josh Gallagher' hit in the Main Midi-Drum Groove + The Wonderful Lush Female Vox was done by my fellow Band-Mate + Best-Friend 'Brontë Mongoose'. Now the 'Larger.Than.Life' Sonic Aspect - was thanks to my Sound Mentor which I call 'Master of Sound' - The Living Legend Rob Grant (Tame Impala 'Currents', Pond +). Rob Mixed the record... so well in fact that we ran with the Un-Mastered 9th Mix.

Seeing as "Illusions 09" is a prelude, what should we expect to follow this track? What does this prelude prepare us for?

'ILLUSIONS 09' Prepares the audience 4 the upcoming body of work, which I like to say is the 'Sonic' "Documenting of the woes + glories of Human Life" - that holds no boundaries in the world of Trent-Jean. When it comes to Producing, stylistically - I want to "Break the mold...and snort the remains" (Sorry Mum), not literally of course.

What can we expect to hear next from you?

Expect the unexpected - And always remember - "In a sea of blue, Root 4 Purple".


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