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Trenten Priest and N7 Make Us "Work For It"

In a world full of darkness, a light radiates at the end of the tunnel and he goes by the name, Trenten Priest.

As one to solely promote love, positivity, and change in the world as we know it, Trenten Priest emits a bright ambiance when you listen to this emerging artist's empowering creations.

Reigning from Dallas, Texas, his latest record “Work For It,” is a collaborative effort between himself and Hip-hop sensation hailing from Empire Records, N7. With “Work For It,” garnering major attention from streaming platforms.

Using a variety of worldly influences as his muse, your ears instantly fall upon the diverse elements in the production. Huge basslines and trap-infused atmospheres dominate the instrumentation as the sounds created are larger than life.

Trenten Priest delivers hard-hitting verses with the dynamism in his lyrical adaptability pulsing through each moment the speakers bump. As a composition, this piece flows smoother than butter as it holds numerous trademarks of a hit record at hand.

Acting as an anthem, “Work For It,” transports you to that hustle mentality as you turn this song up a few decibels and work for what you want. Driving home the essence of working hard for what you have, this record is showered in confidence that speaks volumes. The collaborative effort between both Trenten Priest and N7 is unmatchable.

Each artist brings their own flair to the dinner table as they eat up the beat and leave a clean plate for those who are following behind. With swag in their performance and undeniable radiation of chemistry, it’s safe to say that Trenten Priest and N7 put their best foot forward as they continue to make their way to the top.


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Nov 28, 2021

Top 3 worst artists ever. this Kid tries so hard to look cool on Instagram, his music is painful. shame on Instagram for verifying this excuse of an artist. Imagine being so bad that I had to leave a review

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