TREY Raises the Bar With Their Alternative Rock Roots

Indie rockers TREY are gearing up for a new album cycle, beginning with the lead single “i forgot that people stayed until i met you.” Adding a unique flair and exuding their quirky traits, for those unfamiliar with TREY, the band’s name is actually pronounced “all caps trey.”

Returning to hues of their alternative roots, “i forgot that people stayed until I met you,” simmers on the sensation of finally finding that one person. Captivating passionate tones of gripping emotion, we’re invited into a universe that is custom to TREY.

Sonically suave arrangements come flooding into your speakers as you become fixated on the artistic capability that hones in on true Rock elements. Gusty guitar riffs and delicate harmonies come in ethereal waves of strength and emotional moments of weakness as you take in all that is TREY.

The poignantly buoyant message creates an affective ambiance that puts you into overdrive as you fall into the depths of the reinvigorated songwriting. The calming vocalization is both elusive and prevailing as you take in each word uttered.

The lyrical motif of “i forgot that people stayed until I met you,” is ambitious with highlighting the direct quintessence in strides. Lingering on your mind long after the record completes, this single has us anticipating the next moves from TREY. Bringing larger-than-life nostalgia to our very ears, we’re full-bodied arrangement has us grasping onto the universal appeal that their fan base continues to take in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, TREY, we’ve fallen for the composition that is “i forgot that people stayed until i met you.” What influenced the band to make this the lead single from the forthcoming project? Thanks a bunch for having us! Love what you guys are doing. Yeah, the single really just feels like a return for me as a writer and for us as a band; it feels very close to what our shows have been. Some of our very early stuff was a very full band as well, so it feels really good to have loud guitars and a big, organic rhythm section again. As we’re gearing up for the record, I’ve been distilling the focus of our first full-length down to a few ideas reflective of the past few years as TREY, and IFTPS is really the story of me grappling with myself. It’s TREY at our punchiest and it seemed like the only way to start this cycle.

Could you please take us into what themes and message you’re hoping your audience takes away from this piece? My writing has become more introspective over the past 2 years, and IFTPS is really the apex of what I’ve been learning. I’ve never known my biological parents, so I’ve wrestled a bit with feeling like I don’t quite fit anywhere. This song is the realization that everyone, myself included, is worthy of love. There’s no hope for those who choose to see it or to chase it, whatever it might be to the individual, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. How long did it take for you to create and record “i forgot that people stayed until i met you”? At the start of lockdown nearly a year ago, I had begun bicycling every day. I did more than 1000 miles in 2020, and it was honestly one of the most creatively and emotionally refreshing seasons of my life. The chorus lyric and melody came to me during one of my rides at the end of the summer, and I remember wanting to make something that expanded on this idea of people being worthy of love, and I remember wanting to make it hit hard sonically - so I used some older Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay tunes as a reference and it was really pretty quick from there. The way the band is set up is interesting - we live all over the US, so our studio work is all done remotely and we come together for tours. It took like 3 days to get all the guitars and vocals written and tracked, and a few more weeks to polish up drums and get that rad female vocal from my friend Cate Cossin in Albuquerque. With a full-length album in the works, what can you tell your audience about what they can expect in terms of sounds? It’s very cohesive. We’ve put out shorter collections in the past and quite a few singles, and this is the longest TREY release at 11 tracks. It was written and recorded between Fall 2018 and early 2021, so there have been very intentional moves to keep instrumentation relevant to the times but (more importantly) relevant to the record. As we’re finishing tracking for the last few tunes, I’ve dug out the synth patches from the oldest tracks in the set to find ways to write them into these newer songs - and that’s been a really interesting process. I’m a keys player at my core, so this album reflects that quite a bit, just as the lyrics reveal TREY, as a project, at its rawest. What's next for you? I wish I could say touring. This tune, in particular, I can’t wait to play live - it’s one of those tunes that we’re all gonna scream our lungs out to. It looks like that’ll be another year or so, though, so we’re gonna keep writing. We’ve got a music video coming this spring, then one more single, and then the record - and loads more after that. It’s gonna be a good year.