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Trick Sensor Serenades Us With Their Acoustic Single, "Joanne"

The Toronto-based group Trick Sensor releases an emotional ballad with their latest acoustic single, "Joanne." Led by vocalist and guitarist Daylan Gonsalves, Trick Sensor draws influences from the early 2000s and late 90s Pop-Punk.

Regarding the group's name, 'Trick Sensor,' they were inspired by their vast instrumental approaches, as they're influenced but not limited to any particular genre. While incorporating catchy rhythms and sweet melodies for the listener to sing and dance along with, we're happy to introduce their latest single that moves mountains in our hearts.

Trick Sensor's latest single, "Joanne," features the age-old tale of moving past a broken relationship. Daylan Gonsalves has perfectly outdone himself with regards to the in-depth and emotional lyricism, not to mention the song's bright acoustic and electric guitar serenade, we genuinely feel Trick Senor's Pop-Punk inspiration shine through this track with their spirited vocal delivery and melodic instrumentals.

"Joanne" beautifully begins with a warm sonic embrace through the bright acoustic guitar strumming accompanied by Daylan Gonsalves' soothing vocals. While he starts singing a tale to "Joanne" herself, we can deeply feel Trick Sensor's Pop-Punk influence as Daylan Gonsalves articulates each lyric with incredible pronunciation and emphasis. The track is truly dynamic with help from each sonic transition.

While the tempo begins to increase and a subtle yet melodic electric guitar makes its way in, we can feel an uplifting sense of passion through the organic instrumentals. We can't help but relate to Daylan Gonsalves' heavy lyricism as he sings the aches and pains of moving on from someone dear to him.

Ending the song off on an energetic and spunky note, we appreciate such unique breakup tunes like "Joanne," as Trick Sensor doesn't seem to wallow in their emotions, rather release a dynamic piece to compliment the ever-changing emotions one feels during this grueling experience.

Hello Trick, and welcome to BuzzMusic. What pushed you to create such a profound breakup tune with "Joanne?"

Actually, I didn't write Joanne as a breakup tune although I see how it can be interpreted that way. I simply wrote it from the perspective of a boy who really wants to be with this girl, Joanne, but plays his cards all wrong and loses the opportunity, realizing it's now too late and he'll never see her again. I wanted to keep the theme really simple.

Why did you want to capture such dynamic instrumentals within your single "Joanne?" What was your instrumental creative process like?

Because I wrote the lyrics like a short story, the song doesn't really have a standard verse-chorus-verse structure. And so I wanted the music to take the listener on an interesting sonic journey as well, with changing tempos and rhythm shifts. I decided to create a structure I thought was unique. Of course, the song didn't come to me all at once. I wrote the track piece by piece on different days and finally had to put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. I was happy when I felt the pieces all fall in place!

The lyricism within your single "Joanne" is incredibly emotional and descriptive. How did you write your lyrics to tell your message while also allowing the listener to relate?

Growing up, I was (and still am) a huge blink-182 fan. The honesty and vulnerability in blink's lyrics continue to inspire me and I try to embody those characteristics in my songwriting. With Joanne, I wanted to stay away from metaphors and keep the lyrics as literal as I could. I think there's something special in that child-like straightforwardness, which we tend to lose as we grow up in an attempt to please people. So Joanne is, in a way, me putting myself in the headspace of a teenage boy upset about losing the girl of his dreams. I hope it's the honesty of the track that listeners can relate to.

We're under the impression that Trick Sensor is a one-man-band. Is this the case? Or do you have any other fellow creators within the group?

This can certainly be confusing, as I've been the face of the band so far, at least mostly! Trick Sensor is actually a 4 piece band, but our lead guitarist had to leave the group indefinitely earlier this year. So we're now a drummer, a bassist, and a vocalist/guitarist (myself). You can expect to see more of the band when we release our next single which will be announced very soon!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020 to create music? What's some advice you can share with another artist who may find it difficult to do so?

Wow, 2020 has been such an emotional rollercoaster. I've personally had states of happiness and anxiety both on the same day. I've felt loved but also felt really alone deep inside; it's hard to describe. Music to me is creating something out of nothing, so that really fills the void that might exist in me every now and then. I believe that we all have positive forces and dark forces that surround us at all times and the more we reach for the light, the more fulfilled and happy we feel. Even when I'm depressed, my inclination is to write a song about how I feel and hopefully share it with the world because I know that there are many other people feeling that way too. And I believe that through sharing openly and honestly with each other, we can turn those dark thoughts and feelings into something more positive.


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