Trick Shooter Social Club Duplicates Their Attitude in New Video For "If I Could"

February 14, 2020

Trick Shooter Social Club has outdone themselves with their new video for "If I Could". This intriguing video takes the audience on a wild and exciting ride. Setting: a live music bar. The video opens with a woman applying lipstick in the bathroom for a special someone. Shift to clips of patrons drinking in the bar and the live band beginning the slow build-up of their first song. Suspense increases. What will happen next? The woman is back on screen. No longer applying lipstick, but reading a disappointing phone text. She is upset. She takes her lipstick and draws on the bathroom mirror. This is the hook. Tonight she is a free spirit; this visual sets the premise for the entire video.

As the story progresses and the music builds to exciting heights, the woman becomes more and more untamed. As the vocalist bellows from the stage, she climbs the bar and steals a bottle of Jack out of the hands of the bartender. She even joins the band on stage and chants the chorus. "If I Could" is all about being authentically yourself and doing what you want, and damning the consequences. Absolute authenticity is their motto. Their new album, 'American Experiment'. engineered by Grammy-Award winning producer, Jon Zacks, is stripped down and unpretentious. Trick Shooter Social Club explores the traumas and events that mold us into who we are. This band has written beautifully honest music and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next.