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Trill Jimi Marks His, "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)"

Coming in hot from Jacksonville, Florida, the 18-year-old hip-hop artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter Trill Jimi makes waves with his intoxicating single, "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)."

After pursuing his solo career in the summer of 2019, Trill Jimi has been hard at work, striving to impact people's lives through his music. Also creating a YouTube and TikTok account to spread positivity, spirituality, and awareness for mental health, Trill Jimi is chasing his dreams and inspiring his fanbase to follow.

Basking in the heat of his beaming single, "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)," Trill Jimi offers an intensely uplifting sonic atmosphere through the production's natural glimmer and shine. While rhythmically rapping messages of self-confidence and manifestation, we can't get enough of Trill Jimi's oozing authenticity on this single.

"New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)" begins with a bright and melodic sonic arrangement through plucky keys and a bouncy hip-hop beat, drenched in power through each crisp and tight drum-break. Not to mention the driving sub-bass and low-end kicks, this track already has our attention merely through the production and sonic portrayal.

Diving into Trill Jimi's performance, we can't help but feel lifted after experiencing such a naturally alluring and compelling execution. Rapping about making his dreams come true and switching his mentality to achieve his desires, Trill Jimi offers us a map to success through his brilliant bars and highly engaging lyrical portrayal.

Find Trill Jimi's single, "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)" on all digital streaming platforms, and catch his recently released music video for the single on YouTube.

We're highly impressed with the lyrical depth and passion you've delivered throughout "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)." When did you begin writing rhymes and crafting ideas for this powerhouse single?

"New Beginnings" is a very meaningful song to me. I was personally going through a tough journey before I wrote the song “New Beginnings.” I had been going through a spiritual awakening and was struggling to find out who I am as a person. After a couple of months, I had started to see progress and growth in myself. I like telling stories in my songs and that is what “New Beginnings is about, having a new beginning!

Did you work with any producers to create your uplifting and bright production within the single "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)"?

“New Beginnings” was produced by one of my old friends from high school known as Grayto. We also have a few other songs together on my latest album “Avatar Ascension.”

What did you want your listeners to take away from your positive and motivational bars within "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)?"

I wanted everyone who heard “New Beginnings” to take it as a sort of motivation. It is never too late to have a new beginning, it is never too late to chase your dreams, it is never too late to manifest your dream life and so much more.

Could you take us through the shooting process for your music video for "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)"? Did you have any help behind the scenes?

After I noticed that my supporters loved “New Beginnings,” I decided I had to shoot a music video for it to give it even some more traction. I’ve been working with the same videographer for a few months now, JxProductions. He is actually another old friend from my high school! We just decided to get a nice background that would really match the song's energy.

Would you say that you normally write such empowering and inspirational bars, similar to "New Beginnings (Brand New Coupe)"? What lyrical themes do you usually touch on within your music?

When I write songs, they express how I’m feeling at that specific point in time. Every song is like “a page in a diary” for me. “New Beginnings” comes from a very deep emotional state that I was in at the time. Same with all of my other songs, they all tell a story.

What's next for you?

Next, I plan to just keep working hard and chasing my dreams. I have a few projects I’m currently working on and plan to drop another album later in 2021. Not only will my upcoming projects include rap, but also many other styles and flows. Like Pop, R&B, Dancehall, and more.



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