Trio Honeychain Brings New Music To BuzzMusic!

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, is an alternative trio Honeychain! The band blends various pop elements with alternative/rock aspects, in the best way possible! We're attracted to their vibe, their sound, and their overall execution when it comes to music. They give off excellence with their overall production and makes us want to hear more and more of what they're able to curate. Honeychain will keep you on your toes with the predominant melody they upkeep through their music, and we can guarantee you'll never feel bored when listening!

"Go Away" is filled with hard-hitting guitar riffs, a fast-paced tempo, and mellow vocalism. The track is filled with elements mirroring the Alternative Rock music scene. We hear memorable aspects to their music that makes us feel reminiscent of the early 2000's alt-rock scene. "Go Away" captures the very essence of soft rock, and we appreciate the subtle blend of harmonies the band uses to create that sound. The track will have you feeling alive and rejuvenated. "Go Away" inevitably stands out with its rhythm. The execution of the track was done tremendously, and Honeychain got the ball rolling with this one!

Honeychain will be rocking Los Angeles on August 30th at the Viper Room, this will be a show you will not want to miss!

Give a listen to "Go Away" here!

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