Trio Lost Crw Brings An Electic Sound to Alternative/Neo-Electronic Music!

Neo-electronic trio Lost Crw is bringing a styling to music that was beyond needed. We're absolutely intrigued with their programming, and the variety of synths and rhythms they're able to curate. They're ultimately the type of artists that are able to display an impressive amount of songs, with a variety of sounds and raw elements from various genres. Once giving a listen to their music, we knew they were a diamond that couldn't be let go (and we fully did not let them go, in the sense that we've added almost all of their music to our playlists)! Lost Crw's latest single: "Come Closer".

In the literal first two seconds of Lost Crw's recent single "Come Closer", we knew we vibed with the track. Lost Crw is creating a sound that is catchy, tropical, raw, raspy, and honestly, we could go on with the elements that they're able to bring to his music. There are many ways to describe the type of sound Lost Crw produces. We feel like we can compare his sound to the likes of Twenty One Pilots, however with a definitive twist we can't quite put into words. All we can say is that as alternative music fans, we can tell that our BuzzMusic alternative/neo-electronic fans will love what they hear. "Come Closer" has many elements of sounds embedded within the track, which is what makes it so incredibly versatile. It's definitely the type of track you want to be listening to in a chill/calm mentality. It will for sure amplify the tranquil feeling, and create an atmosphere that is genuine. Lost Crw knew how to curate the type of track that is alluring and amicable. We're impressed, ultimately with their overall execution, and how they were able to take such integral elements of various genres and produce a great sound. We've already added "Come Closer" to our Spotify playlists, and we're hitting ourselves on the head for not listening to Lost Crw's musical stylings earlier!

You can listen to "Come Closer" here, and read Lost Crw's interview below!

Hey Lost Crw! We have to state right away that we're complete fans of the music you create. Tell us more about how that creative process goes with all three of you, particularly when you're all working together on a song!

The creative process is very spontaneous for the most part, the three of us would sit in a car and create entire songs from scratch starting with freestyles and random beats bouncing around hooks and melodies until one sticks.

"Come Closer" was a perfect representation of all of your abilities as artists. We loved the entire execution of the track! How did the process of writing and recording the song go?!

The song was originally written and produced by Noah years ago, once Bizz heard the song he immediately began freestyling and writing his verse. The song has come a long way as we have had multiple versions with different management, but now we have found the formula that works.

Tell us more about when you're all on stage performing? How does the energy feel in the venue? 

In venues we are definitely a show! Any performances we were in always got us the best reception from audiences, we incorporate different artists when we perform even singing alternative never before heard versions and remixes, spoken word, dance, and open instrumentals playing between performances (our first show). We are an act that will get he crowd cheering and asking for more!

Do you all feel connected with your listeners? Do you feel that what you're trying to embed within your music is being received by your listeners?

We strongly believe our music connects to our listeners, through the hundreds of people who have heard the track, a vast majority have asked where they can later find it or have directly spoken on how much they love the song.

What's going to be the next big move for Lost Crw?!

Setting up upcoming shows, on a world tour!


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