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Trippychidi Teases What New Releases We Can Expect in 2020

Trippychidi is coming full fledge into the music game all the way from Indianapolis. His trendy flow and digestible artistic style is completely refreshing and must need in today’s market of music.

Other than his hot single “Teaser”, Trippychidi hasn’t released any other music this year but inside sources tell us that it’s believed his single “Wishes” is finished planning to be dropped any minute now.

Although he hasn’t dropped any music, that does not mean he hasn’t been working on elevating his craft. He’s collaborated with various underground channels such as perfect plug and networked with other blogs such as HBT magazine.

It’s highly important for an upcoming artist to gain as much exposure as possible by getting their name seen and music heard by as many platforms as possible and so far for Trippychidi, he’s been doing an excellent job.

This showcases a lot of professionalism in Trippychidi’s career and lets everybody know that he’s more knowledgeable of how to maneuver himself around the ropes of the music industry than we think he is. Trippychidi is most definitely a newcomer you want to keep an eye out on, he is bound to do amazing things and we’re looking forward to the magical music that he has in store for us this upcoming year.

Welcome to BuzzmusicLA Trippychidi, we’re glad to have you on our platform. How has the journey been for you so far as an artist?

Hella lit and interesting I came along way from nothing, I literally crafted this shit with my bare two hands. So seeing myself rise slowly has been hella fun on some movie shit.

Your single “Teaser” has gained quite a good traction for a first single! What was your initial vision for this record and how were you able to execute it?

I knew "Teaser" was a banger but I didn't expect it to gain so much attraction as it did. So I was pretty shocked because it's honestly just a decent song to me.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics in “Teaser”? What emotion were you able to channel in while writing this?

There wasn't any real inspiration behind the lyrics it was more about me expressing how I felt about certain shit. So I guess you can say I was just "Talking my shit".

Knowing you’ve been in the single constantly working your music! How do you plan on elevating yourself from your previous release?

I'm gonna hit the ground running real soon especially after I drop my first music video which will be like right around the corner because I've honestly been slacking on dropping music. So I'm just finna push myself out there real soon.

What’s the most challenging aspect of artist development for you personally?

Consistency would be the main one. I don't know how other artists work but I'm hella versatile so I don't really have a specific sound I use so I just make music based on what I feel sounds good on the beat and finding different sounds that can match your voice can take a while.

We’re excited to hear what you have in store for us! Mind hinting to our readers a tad of what we can expect from you in this upcoming year?

Yea "Wishes" will be dropping in a couple of weeks so if you liked "Teaser" it something you definitely want to take a peek at. Then I got more music for 2020 when I am actually finna hit the ground running with this rap shit.


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