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Trizzy Trey Does A Rap Along To A Rapper Song With “Lick The Rapper"

Trizzy Trey, the rising star from Toronto, has been creating waves in the music industry with his scintillating raps and energetic beats.

The 29-year-old rapper has been honing his craft since he was young and has grown into a force to be reckoned with. His love for music is palpable in every performance, and his influences range from hip-hop, and reggae, to R&B.

Recently, Trizzy Trey released a new song called "Lick the Rapper," which has been causing a stir in the rap community with its infectious dialogue that is sure to stick in your head to the point you’ll probably find yourself rapping along to this rappers song cuz its a rap along and the…(it is already working). The track is a quintessential representation of Trey’s bold lyrical experimentation, which is kin to the likes of legendary based rapper Lil B but with a modern hyper-trap twist that is sure to turn heads.

Trizzy Trey has already released two mixtapes and is working on the third one, Tr3y the truth the Third round. The rapper has collaborated with some of the most renowned DJs in the industry, including Dj pop dukes, Dj bad the problem, and Dj Trap A Holics, which is a testament to his credibility and talent.

On your marks, get set and go! is the name of the game with "Lick the Rapper" as we are greeted with the smooth calm before the storm via a catchy piano melody riff that ominously builds anticipation for what’s to come then Before you can blink a hefty 808 hits you right in your chest as a flurry of lyrical combo’s make sure that you’ll never forget them. Trizzy gives us what can only be described as new wave based, a sound that purists of the genre are sure to mosh to when "Lick the Rapper" is performed live.

The video for "Lick the Rapper" is equally based, featuring Trizzy Trey spitting hot fire in a neon room full of classic records with a flurry of cuts and transitions that perfectly match the speed of "Lick the Rapper."

Trizzy Trey's music blends what you know and the unknown, making it unique and exciting. His hard work and dedication to his craft are evident in his music, and his passion for rapping is evident through his drive to push the boundary.

It is written Trizzy Trey is a rapper to watch out for, and "Lick the Rapper" is proof of his bold style and based mentality. With his upcoming mixtape, Tr3y the truth the Third round, we can expect even more dynamic and impressive tracks from the Toronto native.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Trizzy Trey, and congratulations on your latest release, "Lick the Rapper," which we couldn't help but rap along with. You took a unique lyrical direction with this track; what was your inspiration going into the song, and how did you develop the flow?

Thank you for having me BuzzMusic. Thank you for rapping along to my song Lick The Rapper. I hope y’all enjoyed the song at Buzz Music! Thanks for the unique lyrical direction. I try to do my own thing with my own sense of style with my music. Going into this song, my inspiration was for rappers to like my song & rap along & for me to gain fans for the song so that the song could get a lot of attention, views & likes so that I could possibly go viral.

The flow developed from listening to Lil Wayne because he has a song called lollipop & on the lollipop song, there were verses where lil Wayne said He's so sweet, make her wanna lick the wrapper," So I let her lick the rapper & from there on I used to lick the rapper in the hook in my song & I made it a hot song called lick the rapper with a bit of my own unique lyrical creativity & that’s how I came up with the flow.

With a song as infectious as "Lick the Rapper," would you ever consider creating a dance for it? If so, how would you describe the move?

Thanks, infectious is a great word. I hope the song & music video spread around town & go viral & I would not consider coming up with a dance for lick the rapper.

If "Lick the Rapper" was a theme park ride, what kind of ride would it be, and what would the requirements be to get a ticket?

If lick the rapper were a ride at a theme park, it would be like a statue of me with the song lick the rapper playing for fans to stand in line & lick the rapper (me) to the lick the rapper song & the requirements to get a ticket would be to stream the song on all streaming platforms & then you get a ticket to lick the rapper to the rapper song.

You've mentioned that Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, and other rappers have influenced your music. Who would it be if you could choose any rapper to feature on the "Lick the Rapper" remix?

Yes, jay z, Lil Wayne, Drake & other rappers have influenced my music today to make me a better rapper with more flavour than others. Although I’d choose a hand full of rappers that favour today. The rapper I’d choose for a remix would be drake because he is the top Canadian rapper out of Toronto & is cool with Lil Wayne; that started the lick the wrapper wave I got going on right now.

With such a distinct style, what direction see yourself taking your sound? And what can we expect to hear for future projects?

With a distinct style, the direction I see myself taking my sound is all the way to the top. & for future projects, what y’all can expect here is more of my very unique lyrical style of rap hip hop.


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